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Massive UFO on The Moon In NASA Archives

Massive UFO on The Moon In NASA Archives

They recovered Aliens from this UFO on the Moon.
Enhanced and rendered with graphics but that’s not putting anything there that isn’t already there. It’s just enhanced what’s already there beforehand.
Guy’s, we’ve featured this before because this was “and still is” a stand alone piece of evidence of life in the universe.
When people say all it takes is one UFO to be real, or “all it takes is one Alien sighting to be real” and everything would change! Well, I personally don’t agree with that statement – the Government has been suppressing UFO related artefacts and real bona-fide evidence in the form of advanced technology from Flying Saucers. Then released the first acknowledged UFO videos ever. This is that “one thing” that should of changed everything but it didn’t? So I’m saying that even if Aliens came here to Earth inside of real UFOs and where to announce themselves today or tomorrow, it doesn’t matter because nobody would go off the rails, nobody would go instantly insane!
The vehicle on the Moon.
Apollo 20, one of the most controversial UFO cover-ups in history. And it is a cover up because we have it on the NASA official websites, it’s in the archives it’s a UFO but nobody will talk about it? That’s a fricking cover up. I choose to accept it as a fact of life because of the many other relevant and related pieces of information that make up the bigger picture.
Amazing UFO on the Moon that blows everything out the water.
An Alien Spaceship on the Moon
There’s nothing left to call this other than “the time that all humans had to forget”! I mean, we’ve got no choice but to forget because no-one officially will acknowledge and nobody will tell us definitively that this is real or fake so we have no choice but to go round in circles or wait?

This spaceship on the Moon (Apollo Mission Image number AS20-1020) was found a while back. People often overlook the fact that this thing was so inspirational to many people growing up! Whoever saw this image did so but pre-internet, before the mass media and before the ability to share an image instantly.

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