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Mexican Air Force Chased a Huge UFO Formation

The Mexican Air Force is a fine military unit with a very proud history which is splendid in all aspects of it’s formation. So, chasing down a large UFO formation however proved a bit to much as it would for any Air Force in the world. These UFOs where just way to high and they outrun or simply put “flew off” and literally left the Mexican Air Force with nothing but a video to remember them by.

Mexican Air Force Has Authenticated UFO Videos

If you haven’t seen this video yet where the Mexican Air Force chased a huge UFO formation. Then your in for a treat because it’s directly disclosed by the Mexican Air Force. Mexican Air Force Chased a Huge UFO Formation There are many similar parallels with the released US Navy UFO videos.

UFO disclosure

The United States released 3 videos in 2019 showing UFOs that was breaking the laws of physics. And the UFOs were defying all known and possible aerial vehicle manoeuvres. These UFOs are absolutely stunning and capture that same excitement and wonder by the pilots.

The amazing UFO video showing the Mexican Air Force giving chase to 11 UFOs back in March of 2006.
Screenshot of the 11 UFOs that the Mexican Air Force was giving chase to above the clouds. These UFOs couldn’t possibly be drones because as you’ll see in the UFO video, they are trying to catch up but fail.

In other words, this UFO was bloody amazing plus it was stunning in fact. Oh’ and yes, it’s not a drone (it can’t be). It was breaking known laws of physics and drones follow the rules of law to the latter!

Check out this UFO post where 3 eye witnesses record a UFO cube.

What people are saying about this UFO incident

YouTube is buzzing with everyone posting opinions

Here’s a great comment (quote):

Any more word from the Mexican government on this? Thanks for providing footage. If I’m correct this took place on 3/05/2004 above the Carmen City, Campeche area of Mexico.

The tech used to view this is FLIR STAR ZAPPHIR II (Forward Looking Infra-Red[FLIR]) Radar tech was RADAR AN/PS 143 BRAVO VICTOR 3 (whatever that means). This was recorded by the 501st Aerial Squadron. Taylor V, YouTube comment

Nick Pope gives us his insight

Nick Pope (MoD) went on to say some really interesting things and even letting uncommon knowledge slip, about what the black op’s community get up to sometimes. When they’re testing out equipment.

There are very few options. I presume he meant for the military to test black op’s products,” he then said what it could be.

The Mexican Air Force is a fine military unit that is splendid in all aspects of it's formation. Chasing down a large UFO formation however proved a bit to much as it would for any Air Force in the world. These UFOs where just way to high.
You’ve seen the US Air Force UFO videos, this is the Mexican UFO formation chase which had many, many UFOs involved in this chase.

“US black project’s technology is being blind-tested against the military as part of the evaluation process. Russian or Chinese drone engaged in reconnaissance, or something genuinely unknown and yes, perhaps even extra-terrestrial.”

Nick Pope Former UFO Investigator MoD

Imagine being in a situation where one second what you presume to be a “normal aircraft” in your head’s up visual display. But in the very next second now that it’s there right in front of you.

you immediately begin know it shouldn’t be there! As an after thought probably, the pilot must of had to struggle with this:

It was definitely pulling some crazy manoeuvres which aren’t possible, right? I know this for a fact because i’m a pilot and i’d like to think I know of or about. Every aircraft out there yet this thing, it’s the size of a suitcase!

Pilot’s imagination after UFO encounter, possibly

Try to imagine what it is like to encounter a UFO

Seriously, try giving this scenario some thought. Like as to what this pilot of one of the worlds most advanced Jets must of thought about?

Imagine what he went though and thought about after the incident was over. He could of possibly thought to himself that he just encountered an Alien ship?

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