Mysterious: what kind of Art do they tell us about Antarctica?

ANTARCTIC The most sadistic of lands; Sub-zero temperatures, inexorable terrain, possibly evil penguins; Antarctica is largely a mystery to civilians, but “Happy Feet” aside, have you ever wondered why?

Antarctica, the coldest climate on earth, has always been shrouded in mystery. What we know is its desolate region and is the fifth largest continent in the world, with 99.5 percent of its body covered in ice. East Antarctica is located around Australia, and the West consists of a series of frozen islands that extend to the southern tip of South America.

Since there is little precipitation, Antarctica is classified as a dessert, but instead of sandstorms there are snowstorms with winds up to 320 km / h.

Reportedly, intelligence has been around since 1820.

But what we do not know is much more.

For example, at the end of World War II, the High-jump operation was started. Some will say that the US is attacking a panic button, and among others – conspiracy theorists, are forever questioned.

Between August 1946 and February 1947, the operation of Hajjump dealt with what some describe as an invasion of Antarctica. One of the events of the events indicates that the US is panicking to protect the United States from flying objects.

Another less exciting version of events is the military investigation and exploration of mineral deposits, namely coal, as well as staff training; And the definition, creation and maintenance of possible US bases.

But whatever the task for awarding Admiral Richard E. Berd, the famous leader appointed for the operation, he also participated in several aircraft, 13 naval ships, an aircraft carrier: USS Philippine Sea and about 5000 people.

Admiral Richard E. Byrd was a high-ranking officer of the US Navy, who specialized in exploration, especially in Antarctica.

This display of military power occurred shortly after World War II, and while the economy struggled to stay afloat. The Cold War was also coming when Russia began to rise as a possible superpower and therefore began to ask why the US would invest so much money and labor in traveling to the harshest, supposedly uninhabited region in the world.

Little information about Operation Highjump, but the operation was launched with speed and secrecy. At that time, even then, the media were suspicious of the huge military resources needed for travel.

Admiral Ramsey stated at that time: the chief of maritime operations would deal only with other government agencies and that no diplomatic negotiations were required. No foreign observers will be accepted.

Recently, a cave was found on Google maps, adding more fuel to the fire of underground German bases and the theory that the planet is hollow.

More than 70,000 aerial photographs were taken within 220 hours of flight time, and all this was hidden in secret. It was reported that several people were killed in a plane crash.

On his return home, Byrd was summoned to Washington and interrogated by the Security Service before meeting with Defense Minister James Forrestal. Following this, Admiral Byrd said today that it is imperative that the United States take immediate measures to protect itself from hostile regions, a news publication in El Mercurio reported March 5, 1947.

The declaration of Byrd did something that captures everyone who loves a plot. A new threat is flying objects that fly from the Pole to the Pole at an incredible speed. But who were the new enemies, given that Germany had just been defeated in the war? Some say that these were the remnants of the German army and bases established in Antarctica. Others are so sure.

But it was this mystery that dominated the flying objects. One of the theories put forward was that Nazi Germany could establish UFO bases for its secret Nazi weapons. But could this provoke such a heavy military response in the guise of intelligence, when the Germans were already defeated?

Was there a German base in Antarctica? According to reports, Hitler incited the Poles before the First World War. After the Second World War, 250,000 Germans were reportedly missing.

Another conspiracy factor surrounds the death of military secretary James Forrestal, whose leader invited Berd to Washington. Forrestal began talking to people about what he had heard about the “Express Hump” mission, and was also very critical of the Truman administration. Soon he was deemed crazy and was assigned to the Bethesda Naval Hospital. His family sued the government for his release and won, but only the day before his due freedom, Forrestal fell to his death. Although suicide was announced, scratches were noted throughout the closed window, from which it fell. A note on suicide remained in his handwriting, and many other dubious factors arose.

Today, Antarctica remains mysterious. Governmental non-disclosure continues. Currently, the continent employs about 30 countries. The Antarctic Treaty requires scientific research and cooperation without a military presence, but the military does not consider

Google maps also show massive entrances to the caves, some suggest they are UFO bases or, perhaps, old German ones. In 2012, Antarctica became a stranger when a 14-mile thing protruding from the ice was found on Google maps about 400 miles south of the caves.

And Lockheed Martin has a contract for scientific research in Antarctica. Something that was discovered by chance only last year, and again asks why?

According to Disclose TV:

From 1983-1997, researchers and scientists studying the Antarctic record, watching the flying cargo, in the form of silver discs, circled around the Transantarctic mountains. The research team also reported that it saw a large hole next to the ancient ruins, located just 5 miles from the geographical South Pole. All this took place approximately in the same area, the alleged no-fly zone.

Researchers did not think much about it, but during an emergency with a medevac, the researchers flew over the no-flight zone and, looking down, saw something they had never seen. Remotely beneath the surface was the alleged extraterrestrial and human research base. After that, the scientists who acted there, disappeared for two weeks, and when they were found at a distance of several miles, the pilots who picked them up said that the explorers looked scared.

Antarctica is shrouded, hidden in secrecy as much as it is in ice. Probably, these 6 million evil penguins have something to hide from the world.

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