It is not so well known that governments hid the fact that the aliens have bases on the moon. From well-known respected scientists, astronauts and military personnel, we get a fairly definite perspective on this issue. According to Neil Armstrong, the first person to go to the moon, there were waiting for two huge alien spaceships that greeted him when he and the Moon module of Apollo 11 touched the surface of the moons in July 1969.

According to several sources, color video clips of an alien ship were shot by Armstrong’s companion Edwin Buzz Aldrin, the second person who was going to the Moon. The same sources claim that the CIA took responsibility for the footage about the return of Apollo 11 to Earth. Even Armstrong himself reportedly became silent about this, although, naturally, he always publicly denied it.

NASA, Russia and world space players have shifted their attention to Mars. The moon may have been the center of the first space race, but it seems that our lunar friend is now almost forgotten. Some think that there is simply nothing to explore, but a strong theory suggests that space agencies avoid it because of alien reasons.

In the near future, the US space agency does not plan to build a lunar base, but it is obvious that Russia will build it by the 2030s. If its true, that aliens exist there, what exactly is Russia’s intentions? Either they are indisputable in any possible life forms there, or plan to defeat lunar creatures and assert their infrastructure as their own.

In the Western world, the Air Force USA (USAF) sponsored the Project Bluebook to collect UFO reports and debunked them as known phenomena, such as misidentification of stars, meteors, or aircraft. In China, any information about UFOs was suppressed, so when they had the opportunity, they studied the subject with interest and figured out as much as possible

Suspicion or interest in life on the moon attracted public attention when Tesla publicly reported his experiments on transmitting radio signals to the moon and trying to get answers that, in his opinion, had taken place. After that American, British and French astronomers reported luminous and moving, and sometimes even flashing lights on the Moon in the 1920s and 1930s, often reported in local newspapers and scientific journals of those years that are often found in large libraries .

Soviet radio operators also raised it and published it in Moscow. Another mysterious radio message from the Moon was broadcast on French public television only once before it was censored AFTER its leakage. This broadcast seemed to be a mysterious, clearly pronounced FOREIGN LANGUAGE.

After the Second World War, rumors spread that German astronauts made a trip to the Moon and created a top-secret facility there. Some even suggested that Adolf Hitler faked his own death, left the planet and spent the rest of his days in the underground lunar shelter.

According to several websites whose writers failed in their due diligence, the Romanian scientist Radovan Tomovich, who studied the theory of conspiracies for decades, stated: “For more than 70 years it’s common knowledge that the Nazis had a research program led by Hans Kammler. War, with the goal of conquest and control of the orbital space. It seems that Kammler, who mysteriously disappeared in Antarctica shortly before the end of the war, and his team were successful. Now there were problems.

Millions of people around the world firmly believe that American astronauts have seen and fixed the remains of human structures of antiquity on the Moon and photographed some technological evidence found on the surface. After the astronauts returned images to Earth. Both of them accused NASA of editing the original images of the moon and replaced them with fake images where the structures on the Moon were erased

You can watch the video to see more discoveries and statements that we are not alone in the universe

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