NASA and the European Space Agency have finally prepared the public for the disclosure of strangers

NASA’s first scientist Ellen Stofan openly admitted that alien life is inevitable, and only last Tuesday Dr. John Grunsfeld of the Directorate of the NASA Science Mission announced that the agency is on the verge of discovering life on planets other than Earth. Stofan and Grünsfeld hide the fact that NASA has been lying to the public for dozens of years about a known extraterrestrial life, and that aliens have probably visited the land for centuries.

Grünsfeld told the House Committee:

We are alone? Many, many people on the planet Earth want to know, We are on the verge of answering this question.

And the last comments of Stofance were even more daring:

I think that within a decade I will have strong signs of life outside the Earth, and I think that they will have definitive evidence for 20-30 years. They were on the verge of people asking themselves questions for thousands of years. Throughout our life, we were going to understand that there is life on other bodies in the solar system. We were going to understand the consequences of this for life here on Earth.

Her declaration is synchronized with the recent opening of the water agency of the five moons of Jupiter and Saturn. We were recently informed by NASA that their Kepler mission found another land in the inhabited zone of our Universe, circulating around a star that resembles our sun. NASA determines the suitability for housing, based on the ability of the planet to pool water supposedly to sustain life, as we know it.

And then the The Guardian article called Is Kepler 425b has the best chance to find an alien life? Who discusses how the twin earth of an exoplanet is more like ours than it was ever known is a plausible case for someone else’s life, not to mention the 12 other hospitable planets the Network Institute is exploring, and the fact that we assumed that All life will require the same thing as we, in addition to the fact that other living beings may not even have a physical form.

Russia even threatened the US, in fact, telling the world about aliens or we will.

But, as usual, the story is bigger than NASA and the European Space Agency, or even the Web.

Beginning in early March 2015, it was expected that a meeting would be held on the Moon involving up to 70 private individuals, as well as about 120 officials representing various classified space programs and national governments that heard plans to disclose the existence of extraterrestrial life.

Dr. Michael Salla and David Wilcock gave airtime, or you could say Internet real estate to an informer named Corey Good. It is also known as GoodETxSG. He has his own page on Facebook, called the “Alliance of Sphere”, the life form with which he worked to help expose the scale of our corporate military-industrial complex into space.

Do you believe in his insane testimonies about secret space programs and bases on the moon or not, the very fact that thousands of people subscribe to interrogate Wilcock on Gayam-TV is evidence of how ready people should be. The truth about additional terrestrial life.

When you cover the facts, GoodETxSG shows up precisely when the largest space industry of the military industrial complex openly recognizes that alien life exists after decades of concealment and numerous possible killings or insults to military personalities, astronauts and scientists who have tried to tell us the same thing for some time .

Although it may be difficult to swallow the facts, as Hood tells us, in particular, that dozens of extra earthlings manipulate our genetic code and that the military-industrial complex is even more hyped in space, since here, on earth, his testimony is at least worth Listening, and then solving for yourself.

You can pretty quickly guess what Good has already revealed through the site of Divine Cosmos, David Wilcox, or you can immediately go to Gaiam to watch his interview. Combined with recent statements by NASA and threats from Russia, it seems that something is brewing, perhaps the pressure in the end is really huge, and these agencies now have to tell the truth.

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