NASA announced that it is communicating with four alien races

NASA spokesman Trish Chamberson openly acknowledged the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations and, in addition, noted that the National Agency is currently in contact with four alien races.

Her words were published in the publication “Waterford Whispers News”.

Chamberson said:

“The so-called” gray “visited our planet for thousands of years. Who do you think has built the ancient pyramids and all the other megalithic structures around the world? In my opinion, everything is clear, “- said the representative of NASA.

They have a base on the back of the moon, as well as the ability to create some planets in our solar system. Not long ago, they began to explore Jupiter, creating a new ring around it. Basically, they are interested in mining, and they are not dangerous for earthlings. ”

Separately, Chamberson stressed that aliens are not very sociable with people, but they constantly complain about the actions of earthlings. The newcomers are unhappy with the use of nuclear weapons in the world, because, according to the spokesman, “this has a bad effect on parallel universes.”

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