We have met a lot of reports about the land and its changes recently, and not many of them materialize. However, this time NASA confirmed that the earth will experience total darkness for 15 days in February 2017, starting from February 10 to February 25.

According to NASA, this phenomenon lasted a long time, and NASA astronomers reported that the world will experience a strange event from February 10 at 3 am, and it will most likely continue until February 25, 16:45,
Officials believe that this blackout is the result of an astronomical event between Venus and Jupiter. Charles Bolden, the head of NASA, has published a 1000-page document, which explains this event in detail to the White House.

The reports state that Venus and Jupiter will be very closely related, and they will be divided by 1 degree. Venus will surpass southwest of Jupiter, which results in Venus shining 10 times brighter than Jupiter, and this light will heat the gases in Jupiter, causing a reaction. The resulting gas reaction releases into space a never-seen amount of hydrogen that will contact the sun at about 2:50 am.

When hydrogen comes in contact with the sun, it will cause a strong explosion on the surface of the Sun, and it will affect the temperature, which instantly increases to 9000 degrees Kelvin.

The heat caused by the whole process will cause the sun to turn into a bluish color, and once it changes its color, it will be necessary to restore at least 14 days to restore the normal temperature and maintain the normal color of the red giant.

Meanwhile, the light from the sun will be much duller than usual, and people will experience this change only after 2:58 am on 10 February.

We do not expect any serious consequences from the Blackout event. The only effect that this event will have on Earth is an increase in temperature by 6-8 degrees. This is mainly affected by the polar cap. No one should worry. This event would be similar to what the Alaska experience in the winter. Said Bolden.

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