“NASA images show a giant hole at the North Pole leading to conspiracy theorists of blunted Earth”

These images show that NASA hides a huge hole leading directly to the center of the Earth, theorists of the conspiracy state.

It is said that destructive pictures support a bizarre theory, the core of the planets is really empty, and inside there is another world.

It was claimed that the middle of the Earth has its own Sun and wanders monstrous animals resembling mammoths.

In a video that never saw photographs of the alleged pit, conspiracy theorists at YouTube, secureteam10 said: “Every single satellite image we have on the North Pole shows a massive hole or black hole placed there to hide the blows below.

According to UFO enthusiasts, NASA photos were quickly removed from life (Photo: Secure Team)

They argue that the US government hides a secret hole, which, they say, is supported by the fact that the plane is blocked from flying over the North Pole.

UFO enthusiasts also claim that satellite imagery with a high resolution of Antarctica was mysteriously blurred into nothing to hide the portal.

Conspiracy theorists are convinced that something is hiding on the North Pole. (Photo: Safe team)

Polar explorer Admiral Richard E Byrd wrote in his diaries that he entered the Earth and traveled 1,700 miles among the mountains, lakes, vegetation and animal life.

He also apparently found prosperous civilizations on his trips to the 1920s and was once attacked by flying saucers that broke out of the ocean and destroyed half of his fleet.

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