NASA only confirmed that the Earth has a new moon

It turns out that our moon is not alone there, our planet’s orbital itself. The Earth has a satellite in space that has rotated around our world for more than a century, and NASA only recently noticed this.

According to new NASA reports, about half a century around the Earth near the quasi-moon, and we missed it all the time.

The new moon is not as big as THE MOON, but it still holds our original company on the moon during a space trip.

The smaller quasilongune of the Earth’s orbits with an extremely irregular path. Moon 2.0 is actually an asteroid 2016 H03, which is locked in dance with our planet, in fact, he danced with our planet for almost a century, and we did not notice it until recently. The quasi-band orbit is extremely elliptical, causing it to move between 38 and 100 times the distance from the original moon of our planets.

The new moon is tilted by 8 ° and travels around the sun for 365.93 days, which is slightly longer than our planets 365.24 days.

The orbit of the new moon varies greatly. In fact, due to its inclined and elliptical orbit, 2016 H03 is sometimes closer to the sun and moves faster than our planet, and in other cases it is further away and moves slowly. However, according to the researcher, he never approaches 14 million kilometers from the Earth and does not deviate from the course of more than 40 million kilometers.

The new mini-moon of the Earth is about 40 meters across and almost 100 meters wide and is likely to remain one of the smaller moons of the Earth for the coming centuries.

The new moon was discovered thanks to Pan-STARRS 1 panoramic telescope in Haleakala, Hawaii.

Since 2016 HO3 revolves around our planet, but it never goes as far as both of us bypass the sun, we call it a quasi-satellite of the Earth, said Paul Hodas, manager of the NASA Center for Near-Earth Objects (NEO) Studies at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena , California. One more asteroid of 2003 YN107 was observed for a similar orbital model for more than ten years ago, but since then has left our surroundings. This new asteroid is much more locked on us. Our calculations show that in 2016 HO3 was a stable quasi-satellite of the Earth for nearly a century, and it will continue to follow this pattern as a satellite of the Earth for many centuries.

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