New Revelations From Roswell: The Union of Ufo of Ancient Egypt

As a UFO researcher, I shed many testimonies of witnesses and testimonies of people who saw Egyptian symbols on UFOs. In addition, two of the most famous and well-documented cases of UFOs of all time have some striking similarities; Despite a gap of 30 years between them, both a failure in 1947, and with the UFO incident of 1980 in Rendlesham are connected with you, as you guessed it! Hieroglyphs similar to ancient Egypt.

Egyptian hieroglyphs (

Hieroglyphs of the Jews of Roswell

It was rumored for a long time that hieroglyphic characters were seen on the ruins of a UFO wreck in Rowell in 1947. I was lucky enough to attend the recent Roswell panel at Alien Con, where this rumor became a reality (at least for me). The grandchildren of Major General Jesse Marcel, the man who oversaw the cleaning of the wreckage from the 1947 accident, shared new details about the event. One of these details was that geometric symbols appeared on the wreckage of the Roswell crash, including a triangle with a sphere from above.

The symbols that appeared on Roswell Crash Debrisdebris (

The reason I point out the triangle symbol is that it resembles what was seen on a similar UFO ship more than 30 years later in the United Kingdom.

Hieroglyphics by Nancy Rendlesham

The forest incident in Rendlesham is the most famous sight on UFO in Britain. The United States Air Force was stationed in Suffolk, England, when the secret triangle ship landed and was seen by Lieutenant Colonel Charles Halt and at least one more witness. Witnesses noticed strange geometric symbols, in particular a triangle with two spheres:

The symbols presented at the Rendlesham UFO (

UFOlog Nick Pope is known for having reopened the then funeral case in 1994, and since then the case of UFO Rendlesham has been another (frustrating) unexplained UFO file.

In addition to Roswell and Rendlesch, such symbols appeared in modern crop circles and even in reports of abductions of aliens. It seems that the symbolism of the triangle / pyramid is what we can not get away from people. And we should not expect in the end, look at the US dollar one dollar bill! The theory of sacral geometry asserts that the universe (or God) has a geometric code or language, and perhaps as mysteries like these continue, so will our hobby.

An example of sacred geometry (

What could all this mean? Do these recurring hieroglyphs arise that humans and aliens have a common ancestor? What do you think?

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