Noah’s Ark crashed into a Coast Guard ship You read this correctly

A 230-foot copy of Noah’s Ark collided with the Norwegian Coast Guard vessel, who arrived in Oslo, Norway, on Friday, causing damage to both ships. The media say that the wooden replica built by the Dutch carpenter Johan Khybers after he dreamed of a flood in his hometown was towed to Oslo harbor when he somehow lost control and crashed into the moored Nornen patrol boat.

Watching the video, it’s hard to say exactly what happened, but the photographs published by Norwegian media show a big hole in the side wooden case Arks.

The crew member checks the damage on the full-size body of the Ark of Noah after it crashed into the moored Coast Guard ship in Oslo Harbor, Norway on June 10, 2016. NTB Scanpix / Hkon Mosvold Larsen

The “Ark” now belongs to the Noah’s Ark Foundation, which planned to bring a training vessel across the Atlantic to Rio de Janeiro to participate in the Olympic Games this summer.

According to media reports, there were no animals on board at the time of the collision.

The Ark of Noah Foundation

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