Pat Robertson says that aliens are impossible, because God simply did not allow this

On Wednesday, Pat Robertson spent time at the 700 club, in which NASA said not to spend money on Mars or to seek life outside Earth. What for? Well because in the Robertsons non-expert opinion theres nothing there in space other than infertile rocks and gas balls. Robertson said that this planet is the place where God conducted an experiment in what he wants to achieve.

But somehow people want to spend a lot of money to go to Mars! I do not want to think that Mars is the place where I want to go, and this will require a lot of money!

You could roll your eyes to this rhetoric and dismiss it as a typical pompous Robertson and short-sighted nonsense. But his NASA is too expensive thoughts shared by politicians who keep the purse strings.

This line of thought reflects not only a lack of imagination, but also a lack of understanding of the finite resources of the Earth. Such a limited range of ideas also suppresses innovation and scientific discoveries. Space travel is responsible for so many incredible technologies that we use today that NASA safely listed here.

Scholars, including Neil de Grasse Tyson, Bill Nye and Stephen Hawking, have done everything to make space exploration necessary for humanity.

Bill Nye:

Stephen Hawking:

In order not to leave the planet Earth, it would be like incidents on an uninhabited island, without trying to escape the salvation of people with other planets that will determine the future of the human race in ways that we do not yet understand and can determine whether we have any future.

Neil de Grasse Tyson:

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