People have been on Earth for millions of years: Ancient Technologies that should not exist

Numerous researchers are firmly convinced that advanced human civilizations have been on Earth for millions of years. They point to several unplanned artifacts found around the world, and suggest that history, as we were taught at school, is very different from what really happened on Earth in the distant past.

Here we have supposedly artifacts:

400 million years old hammer

Since its discovery, there have been many theories about its origins and, most importantly, its incredible age. But is it possible that this hammer is actually 400 million years old? Skeptics say “no” and believe that this item is fabricated. In order for the hammer to finish inside the rock, it had to be built before the rock was formed, and it will be several million years ago. After its discovery and because of all the questions raised by the hammer, the researchers decided to abandon the incredible opening at the Somervell Museum in Texas.

According to the research of the Metallurgical Institute of Colombia, the inner handle was subjected to the carbonization process, the hammer’s head was built with the purity of iron, achievable only in modern technologies. According to the analysis, the hammer head consists of 97 pure iron, 2% chlorine and 1% sulfur. Surprisingly, the researchers also found that iron underwent a process of cleaning and hardening, characteristic of the metallurgy of the twentieth century. According to the analysis, the hammer shell was confined to the Ordovician era more than 400 million years ago.

Dorchester pot: the emergence of the conglomerate Roxbury in 593 million years

Another artifact, in which all scratch their heads. How is it possible that such an object exists? The age of the bank is a number one discussion among experts, since no one seems to agree with how many years it exactly corresponds to reality. According to geologists, the conglomerate of Roxbury, from which this mysterious pot originated, dates from the fact that it was accumulated between 570 and 593 million years ago during the Ediacar period. Does this make between 570 and 600 million years? According to several researchers, this is possible.

In principle, it is not too clear whether the bank was actually built into the rock, since the explosion was the reason for its discovery. The measurements in the pot have a diameter of about 4.5 inches (11.5 cm), a diameter of 6.5 inches (16.5 cm) and a diameter of 6.5 cm (6 inches) at the top. A small vase is made entirely of zinc and is decorated with silver inlay, there are six floral ornaments on it, and a grape or crown look on the bottom. Decorative work and impeccable manufacture of the Dorchester vase mean that its creator was a master in the manufacture of this metal.

Iron Cup, found inside a piece of coal, which is 300 million years old

This is an ideal piece of metal, and it was discovered in 1912 at a mine in Wilberton, Oklahoma, its discoverer was Frank J. Kennard, and, he said, he was discovered in a block of coal. The usual problems are observed at the opening of this point, in fact, this is the only thing we have, but this does not explain how the artifact was embedded in coal, whose age is about 300 million years. So, as skeptics would say, no matter how certain Frank Kennard could be at the time of his discovery, skeptics will provide dozens of alternative explanations for this point and how it got inside the coal. Not only for this subject, but for many other items with similar age.

The theorist of ancient aliens is of great importance when it comes to such objects, they are both mysterious and challenge typical views on history and archeology. It seems that every time one of these items appears, they are seen by archeology and the main story as potential enemies, since their true origin and age can challenge the conventional way, researchers look at history and civilization.

What do you think about these subjects? Do they develop hoaxes, as skeptics suggest? Or is there something else for them?

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