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Plane Disappearances: Where Did All Those Planes And People Vanish To?

Most of us are aware of the mystery of Flight MH370 and the rather unnerving fact that its whereabouts are still unknown. As unprecedented as that particular episode may be to some, the fact is, flying craft simply vanish from our skies at (relatively speaking) an alarming rate.Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 (MH370).

Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 (MH370).

There are various theories as to what may be happening in the enigmatic atmosphere of the planet’s skies – some of which we will look at in a little more depth later – ranging from incidents with UFOs to secret portals scooping the aircraft and its occupants to another dimension and to who knows where.

Before we look at some of these incidents in more detail, check out the short video below. It looks at ten of the most mysterious disappearing plane cases.


The Five Missing Planes Of Flight 19

Perhaps one the strangest incidents of planes seemingly vanishing into thin air would be that of Flight 19. Maybe the fact that the Avenger aircrafts disappeared over the area known as the Bermuda Triangle, an area known for unexplainable phenomena and disappearances, leads people to consider such outlandish notions when other similar events occur.

On 5th December 1945, five Avenger torpedo bombers embarked on their mission – Flight 19 – which was nothing more than a standard patrol-and-return flight.

Shortly after take-off, however, each of the planes would begin to suffer problems with their navigation equipment. So much so, and so disorientating was the experience, they were soon low on fuel due to the constant adjustments. Records from the transmissions show that there was a decision to abandon their planes when the fuel ran out. The whereabouts of both the planes or any of the fourteen pilots is still a mystery.The aircraft of Flight 19 (5 Grumman TBM Avenger torpedo bombers).

The aircraft of Flight 19 (5 Grumman TBM Avenger torpedo bombers).

In a further twist to the macabre affair, when a rescue plane ventured out to locate any signs of the missing squadron, it too vanished along with the entire thirteen-strong crew.

On 30th January 1948, British South American Airlines (BSAA) craft, Star Tiger, also vanished in the Bermuda area. Thirty-one people vanished with it. Although there were strong winds that evening, both pilots were experienced and should have been able to navigate them. No wreckage ever surfaced.

Almost exactly a year later, on 17th January 1949, Star Ariel, also a BSAA aircraft, along with twenty people, disappeared while flying in the Bermuda Triangle. As before, no wreckage or debris of the craft has ever come to light.

The short video below looks at the Bermuda Triangle in a little more detail.

The Bizarre C-124 Flight Incident

As it cut through the skies over the cold Atlantic Ocean on 23rd March 1951, the C-124 Globemaster II US Air Force plane suddenly began a controlled descent to the icy waters below, several hundred miles from the Irish coast. According to reports, a fire in the cargo hold was responsible for the pilot’s actions. The emergency landing was a success, with all of the fifty-three passengers and crew accounted for and unharmed.The USAF C-124 that went missing.

The USAF C-124 that went missing.

An observation plane even confirmed their position, enquired as to any emergency treatment required (there was none), before returning to base due to low fuel. The passengers had good, military issued emergency rafts and lifejackets. Certainly adequate enough until the rescue crews reached them.

However, when they did a short while later, there was nothing or nobody there. Despite repeated checks of the location to ensure the rescue ships had not strayed off course, the crew and the plane had completely vanished. Searches of the area found no wreckage or no bodies, and their fate is still unknown to this day.

Flying Tiger Flight 739

One-hundred-and-seven people disappeared off the face of the planet along with the Flying Tiger, Flight 739, somewhere over the Pacific Ocean on 16th March 1962 while on its way to Saigon. Having left California in perfect weather conditions, it soon vanished from radar and all contact ceased.Flying Tiger Line Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation.

Flying Tiger Line Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation.

Investigations into the bizarre disappearance would turn up a witness. He was on board a civilian tanker off the Californian coast on the day of the flight. He would claim to see a bright flash before seeing “two red dots plummeting to the ocean at different speeds!”

This would suggest an explosion of sorts, which the official report states to have happened. It doesn’t, however, explain why no trace of the wreckage was ever recovered. Perhaps, given the fact that the Vietnam War was (unknowingly to most) around the corner, not to mention the plane’s location, as well as the involvement of the Lockheed Corporation – a company that is, rightly or wrongly, associated with black budget projects by conspiracy theorists and ufologists alike – there is more to this dark incident than most of us are ever likely to know.

More Recent Disappearances

It isn’t that these strange and unexplainable disappearances happened only in the mid-twentieth century. Aside from the aforementioned MH370 plane, several other aircraft have vanished without a trace in the opening decades of the 2000s.

On 25th May 2003, Flight N844AA (a Boeing 727 Jet) would be stolen from the runway of Quatro de Fevereiro Airport in Angola. An American pilot, Ben Padilla, accompanied by a mechanic, John Mutantu, carried out the hijacking. Although there is no known motive for their actions.

The last confirmed sighting of the plane is as it grew smaller heading into the sky’s dark orange glow. Despite a worldwide search for the aircraft, and the two men behind the theft, nothing came to light. As you might imagine, particularly given the CIA’s involvement in the “search” for the stolen plane, conspiracy theories regarding the incident are as wild as the actual events.

On 22nd July 2016 an Indian Air Force Antonov An-32 transport plane seemingly vanished without a trace. On board were twenty-nine passengers (including six crew) while over the Bay of Bengal. The Indian government embarked on the largest search mission in its history in an attempt to locate the aircraft. The search went on for several months but would prove unsuccessful. The plane and all on board are still missing.

The short video above looks at the most recent disappearance.

So, What Is Happening? A Plethora Of Possibilities, But No Answers!

When the aforementioned MH370 flight vanished from the skies in 2013, a quick check on various social media platforms and internet forums would reveal people asking who, or what, was on the flight? In short, conspiracy theorists instantly would jump on the notion that someone was an intentional target. And everyone else was simply collateral damage. Full passenger lists (unofficial but accurate) went around these forums, and it soon came to light – at least according to those in such circles – that four such passengers had connections to a patent for a semiconductor – one that allegedly had connections to the Rothschilds family.

As you can imagine, these are the kinds of foundations that such theories can thrive on. Although that isn’t to say there isn’t a case to answer here. If there is any truth in such claims of world domination by a select few, then such an act of intentional sabotage is not completely beyond the realm of the imagination.

Many other people, as we discussed earlier, look to such areas and disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle, and assert, as unexplainable as those disappearances are, the same principles must be at work in other disappearances in different locations around the Earth.

If these strange locations are some kind of portal or inter-dimensional doorway, then many UFO researchers claim such aircraft to be either, the victims of intentional mass-abductions, or simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Ultimately they are caught up in the open doorway of such portals as UFOs utilize them.

The questions continue, as will the bizarre and unexplained disappearances no doubt. The answers, however, may be a little longer in coming forth. Check out the video below that looks at ten more strange cases of disappearing flights.


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