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Real Flying Saucer Is Filmed By Shocked Eye Witness

Flying Saucers are NOT normal aircraft, they evade capture all of the time. These are not natural and definitely Alien in nature. There’s always something new to see on UFO News.

This Flying Saucer is pretty wild, it’s not a photoshopped piece of trash because it’s clear to me that this was filmed in real time. I’ll tell you now that I would be shocked if it turns out to be faked or if one part of the video is dubious. It looks real, it gives me a good feeling, it has the natural look to it and I get a good feeling about it. But yeah, I could be wrong.

Flying Saucer is flying through the air and it all of a sudden changes direction and darts upwards through the thick clouds and disappears from view.
There’s a lot of people claim to have seen a UFO, but of those who have seen one only a few report it. Of them, only a fraction records the experience.

There’s no information about this UFO sighting but that’s not unusual because some people believe that other people will belittle them, humiliation plays a part of the decision to not add any information with the UFO video. But at least it exists and it’s available to all of us to see. Real Flying Saucer filmed and this is probably the best one.

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