Researchers have discovered a mysterious object that dwarfs the entire Milky Way Galaxy 50 times

Astronomers are not entirely sure that the mysterious object, which is 50 times greater than our Milky Way Galaxy. While many suspect that the object, in fact, is the result of superlight supernovae, making it the most powerful of all that has ever been seen, the scientific community still has some skepticism.

Scientists believe that this discovery can lead to new thinking and new observations over the entire class of superlight supernova. (A source)

As early as June 2015, the researchers noticed a hot gas ball, located billions of light years from our sun. He radiated with tremendous energy SUNS OF BILLIONS of suns.

Researchers remained in awe. In fact, the researchers identified an object that is believed to be about 10 miles across. The object is known as ASAS-SN-15lh and is twice as light as any other object previously identified by astronomers. (ASAS-SN is an automated supernova survey for All-Sky)

It’s also much brighter than an ordinary supernova, but it’s happening outside our galaxy, the Milky Way in FIFTY-FIFTH TIMES!

Todd Thompson, professor of astronomy in Ohio, explained that if this is really a magnet, then it must rotate at least 1000 times per second, turning rotational energy into light with almost 100% efficiency. This would be the most extreme example of a magnetar, which scientists believe is physically possible in our universe.

Now scientists are guessing what kind of object it is. Initial research shows that an object in the center can be a kind of extremely rare star, which astronomers call the millisecond MAGNITAR. Nevertheless, this one is so powerful that it pushes the energy limits offered by conventional physics. A millisecond magnetar is a rapidly rotating and dense star with an extremely strong magnetic field. (A source)

This fascinating object can not be seen with the naked eye due to the fact that it is located almost four billion light-years from the Earth. Nevertheless, the All-Sky Automated Survey for supernovae is capable of detecting bright objects in our universe that other telescopes can not.

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