Rhesus negative: Ancient Nephilim genealogy

Controversially, as it may sound to you, there are numerous researchers who firmly believe that the Rh negative group of blood is as mysterious and mysterious as it gets. There are those who strongly oppose the theory that people with Rh-negative blood can belong to a Nephilim parallel to the race of the human race. However, according to several theories, this is not so unlikely.

The new theories suggest that this mysterious and somewhat rare blood group may indicate non-human traits in the genetic make-up, basically it means that Rh Negative blood is slightly different from the usual DNA found in homo sapiens.

The Nephilim in Hebrew are translated into sinners and interpreted by many as the Fallen Angels because of the mention in the ancient texts. Interestingly, the Bible, Tamid and the Koran refer to the Nephilim as fallen angels, or descendants of the gods.

The Nephilim were on earth in those days, and after that, when the sons of God came to the daughters of men, and they gave birth to their children; The same were powerful people who were old, people of glory. Genesis 6: 4

Genesis 6:14 tells readers that the Nephilim, which means the fallen ones translated into English, were the product of copulation between the divine beings (the liturgical sons of God) and the human women (the daughter of Adam). Nephilim are known as great warriors and biblical giants (see Ezekiel 32:27 and Numbers 13:33). (a source)

It is interesting that there are some researchers who firmly believe that there is a mysterious truth sealed from the public linking people with Rh-negative blood in other-worldly origins. Robert Sper provides further understanding of the riddle of RH Negative:

There are 612 species and subspecies of primates recognized by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), and none of them have Rh negative blood. Robert Seper, Views with Amnesia: Our Forbidden History

Factors of the Rh factor or Rh factor were first detected in the blood of the Rhesus monkey. According to Seper, if humanity evolved from the same African ancestor, their blood would be compatible, but it is not. Almost 85% of all people have positive blood, but all royal families have Rh negative blood.

Today, there are many mysterious features associated with this rare type of blood, and there are many questions that researchers are trying to answer, such as the Spree. Where does negative blood come from Rh? And why is it that a Rh-negative mother carrying Rh-positive children is trying to reject her own offspring? Is it possible that this can be explained by a rather contradictory theory? A theory that suggests that humanity is not really one race, but a hybrid species.

Other theorists who share the opinion of the Spurs believe that there are other traits that characterize negative people with Rh: higher IQ, sensitive vision, lower body temperature, high blood pressure, increased emergence of psychic / intuitive abilities, predominantly blue, green or nut Eye, Or red hair, increased sensitivity to heat and sunlight and in some cases an additional vertebra.

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