Circles of aliens and UFOs are stunned by statements about the remarkable ancient Egyptian artifacts discovered in the former Jerusalem house of the famous Egyptologist Sir William Petri, objects that could rewrite ancient Egyptian history and even the history of the world. The YouTube video, released by the Paranormal Crucible website, is designed to display items of ancient Egyptian sculpture originally found in the Giza complex, but reportedly soon after they were found, were taken from the Petri house in Jerusalem by representatives of the Rockefeller archaeological museum.

According to Shepard Ambellas, editor-in-chief of the alternative news site Intellihub News, extraterrestrial Egyptian artifacts were discovered in a secret room behind the Egyptologist’s bookcase. Petri, apparently, found evidence of extraterrestrial life on Earth even before his death in 1942, but decided to hide them in his home in Jerusalem. Now that the Rockefeller Museum has taken possession of artifacts, strangers and scholarly peasant scientists are afraid that they will never be available to the public.

However, Ambellas claims that some of the relics can be seen in the Petri Museum of Egyptian Archeology in Malet Place, Camden, near Gower Street, London.

Inquisitr was able to confirm that in the prestigious Museum of Egyptian archeology in Petri there is an extensive collection of ancient Egyptian and Sudanese artifacts, including ancient Egyptian championships, such as the oldest underwear and the oldest dress from Ancient Egypt (5000 BC). The museum also displays lion sculptures from the Ming temple in Koptos and the earliest known products of metallurgy from ancient civilization. Nevertheless, The Inquisitr could not confirm that the museum exhibited other Egyptian artifacts found in a secret room in the former Petri house in Jerusalem.

But believers will consider that more sensitive relics of alien origin are kept from the public.

Ambella argues that extraterrestrial Egyptian artifacts, allegedly found in the former home of Jerusalem Petri, linking the ancient Egyptian civilization with a developed civilization of ET, include two mummified bodies less than four feet high. Although dwarfs and pygmies captured in the interior of Africa were highly regarded as celestial beings in the era of the Ancient Kingdom of Ancient Egypt and held high posts, Ambella suggests that these four-footed creatures may be alien in nature and therefore literally of Heavenly descent.

Dwarf figures in the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic stone

Details of the physical characteristics of mummified bodies seem to confirm the assumption that they may have been alien in nature. According to Ambellas, the skeletons have stereotypical outsiders’ extended heads, large eye sockets and long back appendages.

The aliens have elongated heads, large eye sockets and a long piercing weapon.

No less interesting were highly developed mechanical devices, including a gold disk with a transparent top found with alien bodies. According to Ambella, high-tech devices have a complex mechanism that is surrounded by gold spiral tubes, in which there are several small gold balls and crosses. The devices had no ancient Egyptian symbols on them, as seen in the image below.

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