Scientists: aliens live on the moon


There are various conspiracy theories, but in one passage one of the most interesting is the hypothesis of the emptiness of the moon. In the past, some thought that Earth’s satellite was made of cheese or, perhaps, not even real at all. Scientists easily rejected these ridiculous statements, but the concept of emptiness of the Moon begins to gain momentum.

Unlike past conspiracies, it seems, there is some evidence relating to the missions of Apollo in the 1960s. According to NASA scientists, on the lunar surface for several hours, massive reverberations, similar to the sound of a bell, were felt. Obviously, such vibrations are never felt on Earth, so this definitely aroused suspicion. Of course, NASA continues to deny any such incident, but if it’s true, it’s possible that they are hiding something inside.


So, if the moon satellite is essentially empty, one of the first questions asked by scientists is what’s inside? Perhaps this is just a vast sphere of emptiness. Others think otherwise. The belief that aliens are on the moon remains popular. Apparently, these extraterrestrials are survivors from a distant galaxy that came to our solar system a few years ago. They came upon our planet Earth and thought it was a good place to observe the life of primitive people as it grew. They saw the moon as an ideal place to create a colony, so now they hide in our environment, watching our every movement for the benefit of knowledge. If this sounds strange, it becomes strange.


The theory of the lunar ship was an idea of ​​Soviet scientists since the 1970s. According to them, aliens themselves have created a satellite of the Earth. This advanced civilization of aliens then flew to the spacecraft and conveniently placed it on Earth’s orbit. Some say that this theory is supported by lunar craters. They are, as a rule, rather small, suggesting that there is some kind of hard inner shell that keeps them that way. Until something is proven, this glowing sphere in our night sky will remain a strange mystery. The best thing that believers can do is wait for new evidence.

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