Scientists have found someone else’s code in our DNA: ancient engineers

Researchers who worked for 13 years in the Human Genome project showed that they stumbled upon an amazing scientific discovery: they believe that the so-called 97% of non-coding sequences in human DNA are nothing more than a genetic code of extraterrestrial life forms Originally it was called Junk DNA, its function remained a mystery to researchers. Now, researchers believe that our DNA is extraterrestrial in origin.

After extensive analysis with the help of other researchers in various fields, such as mathematics, chemistry and programming, Maxim A. Makukov of the Fesenkov Astrophysical Institute ventured and asked if there is a probability that we call trash DNA in fact some Extraterrestrial code, Created by the Alien programmer.

According to researchers from Kazakhstan, our hypothesis is that a more advanced extraterrestrial civilization was engaged in creating a new life and planting it on different planets. The earth is just one of them.
Researchers point out that what we see in our DNA is a program consisting of two versions: a giant structured code and a simple or basic code.

The team of researchers believes that the first part of our DNA code was not written on Earth, and according to them, it can be verified. Secondly, and most importantly, some genes are not enough to explain the evolutionary / abrupt evolution process, and there must be something else in the game.

According to Makukov Sooner or later, we must recognize the fact that all life on Earth bears the genetic code of our extraterrestrial cousins, and this evolution is not what we believe.

The consequences of these scientific results confirm the claims of other individuals and observers who claim to have had contact with extraterrestrials that look like people. Humanoid aliens could provide some of the genetic material necessary for human evolution.

Quote from News.Discovery: This interpretation leads them to a far-fetched conclusion: the genetic code seems to have been invented outside the solar system for several billion years. This statement confirms the idea of ​​panspermia, the hypothesis that the Earth was sown with interstellar life. This is certainly a new and bold approach to conquering galaxies, if we imagine that this was the intentional desire of Johnny Appleiside to be super-beings

Researchers from Kazakhstan believe that human DNA was encoded with an alien signal for an ancient extraterrestrial civilization, and they call it biological SETI. The mathematical code in human DNA can not be explained by evolution. In principle, we live and breathe the owners of somebody else’s message, which can be used much more efficiently than the use of radio signals, to search for extraterrestrial life.

Once the code has been installed, it will remain unchanged on a cosmological time scale. In fact, researchers believe that our DNA is the most durable structure, and that’s why it is an exceptionally reliable and intelligent repository for someone else’s signature, according to the article in the journal Icaurs.

Written in the journal Icarus, they claim: after correction, the code can remain unchanged on cosmological time scales; In fact, this is the most durable structure, known. Therefore, it is an exceptionally reliable storage for an intellectual signature. After the genome is correctly rewritten, the new code with the signatures will remain frozen in the cell and its progeny, which can then be delivered through space and time.

Scientists believe that human DNA is arranged in such a way that it reveals a set of arithmetic models and ideographic symbolic language. These studies led scientists to the fact that we were literally invented outside the Earth a few billion years ago.

These ideas or beliefs are not accepted in the scientific community. Nevertheless, these studies have proved what some researchers have been saying for decades that evolution could not occur by itself, and that there is something extraterrestrial for our entire species. Our whole history is wrong?

One mystery that would remain IN ALL THE QUESTION, if extraterrestrial beings really created humanity and life on the planet Earth, then who or what created these extraterrestrial beings?

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