The secret foreign races of the book are one of the most controversial documents that emerged at a time when communism dominated Russia. The first edition of this book was published in 1946 and was intended to inform secret agents of various alien races who visited our planet before that time.

While the iron curtain Russia resisted the valuable information in this book, they were fixed. At a time when the communist regime began to hesitate, the book of secret alien decay fell into the hands of a Russian diplomat who preferred to live in Portugal. His son and friend found the book among several top secret documents bearing a trademark, first translated into English in 2004.

The book is fascinating, because it has many kinds of alien species, their ships and the place of origin. Each alien species that is represented in the book, and in one way or another contributed to the evolution of man on Earth. These aliens have been seen in different places of our planet, and it is interesting that they cooperated with various governments of these countries. Information about the alleged meetings remained secret, but the book is both a source of information, as well as a guide for learning how to communicate with different alien species.

For example, Allgruulk is known in the universe as creators or builders. They can live up to 230 years and come from the constellation Plaster. Another extraterrestrial view is the Messengers, which are the most mysterious alien race. They have been visiting Earth for 300 years, and not in direct contact with people. Cancer is an alien species that humanity has not visited since 720. Perhaps they lost interest in our planet of adventure.

Invizibilii are those who can not be seen with the naked eye, but Americans and Russians have developed a special technology for their detection. Gefok is an alien species originating from the constellation Indus and known as pacifists. They met with JF Kennedy just three weeks before he was killed.

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