Shocking other people’s fears

There is a report created by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), which is mainly about President Putin and is circulating in the Kremlin today. The report says that last week Pope Benedict XVI was forced to resign because of fears of the Catholic Church that this 85-year-old leader of more than 1 billion Christians was mentally and physically not prepared for the forthcoming revelation about the truth of other people’s creatures .
In our report of January 22 in “Obama’s orders to tell the world about foreigners or we”, we described in detail how the issue of extraterrestrial beings was brought to the forefront of the World Economic Forum (WEF), calling in his summary a summary of the danger Put before our world For the discovery of someone else’s life with their statement:
  • The proof of life elsewhere in the universe can have profound psychological consequences for human belief systems.
In addition, in our previous report it was noted that the comments of Prime Minister Medvedev on December 7, 2012 to journalists were recorded and in which he stated:
  • Along with the portfolio with nuclear codes, the president of the country is given a special secret folder. This folder in general contains information about aliens who visited our planet
  • Along with this, you are informed by an absolutely secret special service that exercises control over foreigners on the territory of our country. More information on this topic you can get from the famous movie Men In Black
  • I will not tell you how many of them are among us, because it can cause panic.
Pope Benedict XVI, to become the first leader of the Catholic Church, to retire almost 600 years later, the MFA report said, there was an appearance over Los Cristianos, Spain on August 21, 2011, a long prediction of birds of prey for interplanetary ships, which was followed almost 3 weeks ago Back when their fleet appeared in the sky over Mexico City
In order to fully understand the significance of these UFO birds of prey, this report continues, the files relating to September 27, 1989 in the Voronezh Incident, should be studied in detail, especially with regard to messages transmitted to eyewitnesses from the giants.
In an article of 11 October 1989, the New York Times on the Voronezh incident, entitled “Landing a UFO is a fact, not a fantasy,” the Russians insist that:
  • This is not a joke, not a deception, not a sign of spiritual instability, not an attempt to attract local tourism, drawing a curious, the Soviet TASS news agency insists today on a discussion of what he called an extraterrestrial visit to southern Russia.
  • Residents of Voronezh insisted today that lanky, three-eyed alien creatures really landed in a local park and went for a walk, and that an absolutely fantastic report on the event, carried out on Monday by the official Tass news agency, was absolutely true.
  • A three-eyed man about nine feet tall, fashionably dressed in silver overalls and bronze boots and with a disc on his chest, disappeared, then landed and went out for a walk with a companion and robot.
  • The aliens seemed to communicate with each other, creating a mysterious kind of shining triangle, and activated the robot with one touch.
As for these reports from Voronezh giants, this Foreign Ministry report says that it was a warning to people that when this predatory UFO bird descends to Earth, the entire planet will be in danger.
The Voronezh giants further reported that the alien creatures associated with this predatory UFO bird were the cause of the battle on April 14, 1561, over Nuremberg, Germany, which was depicted in the famous 16th century engraving by Hanser Glaser and described by Residents as:
Very terrible sight.
  • The sky seemed to be filled with cylindrical objects, from which appeared red, black, orange and blue white discs and globes. There were crosses and tubes, similar to cannon trunks, after which the objects quickly began to fight with each other.
It is important to note that the Catholic Christian faith, led by Pope Benedict XVI, and also almost every other religion on Earth, all prophesy in their teachings the time when the gods return to our planet and begin a battle that could well bring Our whole planet was on the verge of destruction .
It is equally important to note that the shock resignation of Pope Benedict XVI lies in how intimidatingly comparable it is to Saint Malachi, who in the 12th century, as an Irish saint and Archbishop of Armagh, received a vision of 112 popes later attributed to the apocalyptic prophecy of the popes.
He was the first Irish saint, who was canonized by Pope Clement III in 1199.
In his 2012 book, American authors Tom Horn and Chris Putnam Petrus Romanus “The Last Pope here” talk about the prophecies of St. Malachs told last spring to interviewers that Pope Benedict XVI will retire by the end of 2012 or in early 2013 and described the next pope Roman, who follows Petrus Roman, or Peter of Rome, wrote:
  • In the last persecution of the Holy Roman Church, Peter of Rome will reign, who will feed his flock among many misfortunes; After that the seven-level city will be destroyed, and the terrible Judge will judge people.
Although the masses of people reading what is contained in this report will undoubtedly ridicule them, the same can not be said about elite classes that even on this scripture defend themselves against something with such a hot speed, destabilizing the entire world economy.
This was discussed in an article entitled “What do they know that we do not do?”. And which, in particular, says:
  • On Friday night, when no one expected to pay attention, Google announced that Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt would sell 3.2 million of its Google shares in 2013, 42% of the 7.6 million shares he held at the end of last year already Selling 1.8 million Shares of Shares in 2012. But why did he have to sell 5 million shares, about 53% of his shares, with Google’s shares trading almost all the time?
  • According to the Wall Street Journal, part of its long-term strategy for diversifying and liquidating individual assets, Google has softened us. Soothing words. Nothing, except for the usual diversification of assets.
Routine? He did not sell a single one in 2008, when the market collapsed. He did not sell in early 2009. And he did not sell during the rest of 2009, as Google shares soared, as well as in 2010, when they continued to grow. In 2011, he released about 300,000 shares, which is a simple rounding error in his holdings. But in 2012 he opened the valves, and in 2013 he opened the floodgates.
So this is not routine.
Mr. Schmidt is not alone. Corporate insiders aggressively sold their shares, said Mark Hubert. And they did it with an anxious step. The buy-buy ratio rose to 9.2 to 1; Insiders sold 9 times more shares than they bought. They were aggressive sellers for several weeks.
Instantly, soothing voices were heard: do not be scared, they said.
But Mr. Schmidt and his colleagues at the top of corporate America, the multibillionaires of many of them, are very well connected not only with each other, but also with the Fed, the twelve regional federal reserve banks they own and control.
The reason that the chairman of Google Schmidt was not present at the World Economic Forum this year is due to the fact that the danger of the aliens was discussed, and he went on a trip to North Korea, and in combination with the information contained in this Foreign Ministry report, is far from that To be soothing, and instead, something well all should be very disturbed, as the end is much closer than the beginning, since those with eyes to see and ears to hear already know.

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