Skin-stone: A massive 5,000-year-old space map?

Louis Mann (right) analyzed symbols with an assistant in the 1930s.

The 5000-year-old Kochno-Stone contains about 90 intricate spirals and intentions, which, according to some authors, represent an ancient space map. Discovered in 1887, the secret stone remained buried for decades to protect it from vandalism.

One of the most fascinating archaeological riddles is the discovery of the so-called Stone of Kochno.

Discovered in 1887 by the Rev. James Harvey, the ancient stone measures 13 meters at 7.9 and contains about 90 complex carvings, considered one of the best sets of petroglyphs in Scotland, which, according to many researchers, are a cosmic map detailing planets and stars.

After its discovery, in 1965, archaeologist Louis McLellan Mann decided to bury a massive slab under several feet of soil to protect it from further damage and not allow people to put their own carvings on it.

Until now, archaeologists can not agree with what is accurately depicted on a massive slab.

Detail of cup and ring inscriptions on the stone Cochno. Image credit: Royal Commission for Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland.

Among the archaeologists there is no consensus on the importance of complex symbols found on its surface. Perhaps this is a map of heaven or earth? Altar, where rituals were held?

Some suggested that the stove is in fact the portal of life and death, symbolizing rebirth.

Some archaeologists theorize that complex drawings of domes, lines and rings are an ancient expression of rock art that has been found in many parts of the world.

According to experts, the symbols refer to the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age, but there are some examples that have been found to date from the Iron Age.

Researcher Alexander McCallum suggested that the Kochnevy Kamen is a map showing other settlements in the Clyde Valley.

Incredible marks remind of huge circles on the fields, which were so often attributed to extraterrestrial civilizations. Interestingly, other similar plates were found in northern Spain, in Mexico, Greece and even in India.

A stone stone. Photo: Historical environment of Scotland.

Even today it remains a mystery what messages the stone contains. Complex patterns can be tribal symbols, border marks (for example, on a map), images of space or crevices containing fluids in ritual celebrations, among hundreds of other suggested explanations.

They can also be just decorative forms, which can be the most revolutionary, because they somehow connect prehistoric people with abstract artists of the twentieth century.

The mystery embracing the Stone is continuing. Little is known about what symbolize intricate signs, but they are found in many places of rock art throughout Europe.

Experts are still not sure what are the symbols of mystery.

Experts plan a digital map of the stone, and the findings can illuminate more light on its history, its purpose and people who created the cover about 5000 years ago.

Dr. Kenny Brophy of the University of Glasgow, specializing in urban archeology, conducted excavations and described the experience of observing the stone for the first time in 51 years as an opportunity once in a lifetime.

Skin stone is what I heard as a child, historically it is well documented, but until now I could not see it.

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