Someone else’s expert: now we share our planet with NEW PEOPLE’S PEOPLE

Recently, alternative journalist Alexis Brooks met with Mary Rodwell, author, ufologist and hypnotherapist. Rodwell is a prominent figure in the study of phenomena related to Star Children, a race of hybrid creatures with extraterrestrial DNA, also claimed to be a new kind of people with excellent cognitive abilities.

Her understanding enabled Rodwell to present an intriguing theory about the possibility of the emergence of a new human race in our time. She believes that the increase in the number of young children who claim to be aliens is determined not by contact with the media, but by the actual result of abductions and alien experiments.

Regression therapy with many patients allowed Rodwell to run into the psychology of the kidnapped, and the experience they experienced seemed to convince the researcher that a new breed of Homo is ready to go on stage.


They are updated, Rodwell said. They have the ability to think and reason above the curve. Children had a much more conscious awareness of multidimensional experience. While their parents were afraid of experiences transmitted by children, the children naturally talked about their experiences.

Studying the differences in perception of these children allows Rodwell to assume that a number of conditions that they often diagnose can also be a sign of hidden abilities. For her, syndromes, such as Aspergers and ADHD, can be a direct result of genetic manipulation of a technologically advanced race of extraterrestrial origins.

If this is so, then the so-called garbage DNA in our genome can serve as a set of functions that we never bothered to study or understand. Compared to the past decades, we can learn a lot about our source code at the moment, but there is much more. We do not know how deep the roots go or how one gene affects the other. The mechanism through which life is constantly renewed is too subtle to be properly understood by modern science.

So the answer to the question: “Where we came from, it could be right in front of us (or inside) all this time, we simply do not have the language skills to decipher it.

The division of this opinion is “Human Genome Project” Prof. Sam Chang, one of the first experts who refers to garbage DNA as having extraterrestrial origin.

These alien sequences have their own systems and confront certain drugs, he said.

Adaptation is the mother of evolution. But these processes make thousands of generations become the norm. Therefore, when there is such a large gap between two successive generations, there must be an external factor in the middle. This factor can be deliberate manipulation of the human genome. Extraterrestrial beings with their own agenda and technique to support this, could plant the seeds of the next generation as you read it.

And, judging by the state in which our planet is, maybe the race is better, faster, stronger and, most importantly, smarter people can be a godsend.

As a species, weve become sufficiently developed to have the means to satisfy our greed. The technology allows us to dig deeper for the resources, the blood and bones of our planet are sucked up and selected clean. You do not need to be Stephen Hawkin to see how our global civilization is steadily going down with cut off brake lines.

We expect that scientific breakthroughs will save us to make it free of rain energy so that we can pursue our dreams without a burden. We dream immensely about utopian futures, where a person has conquered the planet and lives comfortably under sterile conditions, does not need and does not want.

But deep down we already accepted the gray future that looms above the horizon. Resources become scarce. Overcrowding and climate change will lead to new outcomes and new conflicts. Anyway, we will have to change our ways. Otherwise, a new generation or a new kind of people in general will have to mitigate the damage caused.

The question is whether the whole of humanity is activated to a higher intellect, when new players will appear? Or will we be removed into the dark niches of people who were just now arent? Will we share the museum space with the Neanderthals, whom we went to extinction with our big brains and appetites? Will our desires be the end of us?

Give the video under the clock, the answers to some of these questions can satisfy you.

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