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Babylon Has Fallen As Rent And Debt Payments Stop While Debt Slaves Are Freed

The fall of Babylonian debt slavery in the United States is fully underway.  A critical mass of about 30% of Americans are not paying auto loans, student loans, rent, mortgages, corporate loans, etc.  This makes it a mathematical certainty that the Babylonian debt slavery system is insolvent and collapsing. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-04-20/subprime-car-buyers-skip-loan-payments-in-sign-of-trouble-ahead?srnd=markets-vp&sref=Fbhig0fX https://edition.cnn.com/2020/04/09/business/americans-rent-payment-trnd/index.html …

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Area 51 Destroyed as Secret War Intensifies

The battle for Planet Earth is entering a dangerous phase as at least three factions desperately fight for domination.  This onslaught is now showing not only biblical but even otherworldly dimensions.  The biblical aspect includes the occupation of the main holy sites of Islam by unknown forces.  The otherworldly aspect …

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The Mysterious People who Built the Ruins of Zimbabwe

Scholars from Britain and France believe that poor and backward Africans cannot build such high-level Zimbabwe ruins. The builders should be ancient Phoenicians or Arabs before Islam. “The aliens came to Earth in a spaceship in ancient times. They brought superb science and technology, led the ancients to create brilliant …

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