Texas UFO Cube Multiple Witnesses And Photos

June 29, 2015, a UFO cube appeared from the clouds by several people in Texas. The video composition of the photos was released by the YouTube user secureteam10. Walter C. Lance of El Paso, Texas, was the first person to introduce photographs to ensure safety10. Lance said that he photographed June 29, 2015 at the central time at 1:00 during the lunch break.

According to secureteam10, Lance said that the street was very windy when part of the clouds began to spin and fly around each other, forming this portal form. The area inside this circular vortex became black when Lance pulled out his cell phone to take the following snapshots:

This is what a UFO cube looks like when the image is enlarged:

The first thing that comes to mind is the shape of the cube and the way the cube is related to Saturn, which is Satan in astrology, as I explain in detail in the article, Saturn. Why do we worship the El cult?

Here is an excerpt from this article:

Semitic civilizations call the god Saturn El, who is the supreme deity and is represented by a black cube.

If you look at the etymology of the word Kabbalah, Kabbah = cube and alah (Allah) means God, so you get the Cube of God.


  • Saturn is a cult of EL
  • Kabbalah is the Cube of God
  • Saturn – The Lord of the Rings
  • At the north pole of Saturn there is a hexagonal cube
  • Pan is the God of Saturn
  • Saturn – Satan in Astrology

Then, who are we really giving our energy?

The third image captured on the film shows the rectangular shape of this UFO:

The second eyewitness also saw this cube in the form of a UFO about a mile from the first witness when she returned to work after lunch break. She noticed a square figure moving through the clouds and thought it was a balloon, but after watching her she realized the grandeur of her size with the designs around him and a weak, magnetic vibrating buzz that seemed to be emulated from the ship.

She also was able to get a picture of this UFO:

Scaling and improving snapshot filters:

Below are her UFO testimonies:

Cubes and spheres?

In the latest news contactee Cory Good talks about the Blue Avians, who are benevolent aliens who follow our planet in the blue spheres, which contrasts sharply with the shape of the cube:

Are good beings here watching us and helping us to reach a new level of spiritual evolution? Hood has a Facebook page called “Sphere Being an Alliance”, where you can follow his latest news.

At the highest level of Freemasonry, the motto Ordo ab Chao means “Order from chaos.” Obviously, we are set for the ultimate times in which we live right now, and all this is based on chaos, because when we live in fear, it’s easy for us to manipulate.

Is it possible that they were created for the false invasion of the alien flag through the Project Bluebeam script?

Are malicious creatures of the archontic type pumping our energy through fear?

It is quite obvious that official disclosure of UFOs is inevitable, but one can be guaranteed that it will be distorted to the points of view of the church and the military-industrial complex. If benevolent aliens can not broadcast their messages on every channel, in every language and in every country, you can be sure that the mainstream media will distort any official disclosure of information in the interests of those who keep us in subjection, control and compliance of thousands years.

As for the cubic form of a UFO, it is unclear whether this is a real UFO or perhaps a PSYOPS hologram created by those in power as a test to see how we will react to this anomaly.

What my gut tells me:

If this is a real cubic UFO, then probably not here, in the interests of mankind, on the basis of my cube research and its connections with Saturn / Cronus / Satan.

Most likely, this is some kind of complicated hoax, marketing ploy, hologram or PSYOP, designed for the classical perception of our mind in the process of preparing for the official disclosure of UFOs.

What do you think it is? Leave your comments below!

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