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The Bizarre And Forgotten Broad Haven School UFO Incident Of 1977

An incident that first saw the light of day on the BBC’s “Newsround” – a children’s news and current affairs show – the Broad Haven UFO sightings soon made progress on to the national news. Even international news stations took an interest in the incident for a time.

When the story finally did reach the masses, it was just the tip of the iceberg of a rash of sightings and incidents that would engulf Wales in the late 1970s. Bright, shiny crafts landing in fields, both in the middle of the night and broad daylight! Not to mention various reports of silver-attired humanoid figures, “faceless” no less!

Broad Haven pupils display their drawings of the UFO.
Broad Haven pupils display their drawings of the UFO.

Now, almost four decades later the incident is still one of the most mysterious on record. As are the flurry of sightings and theories that followed. Claims of underwater alien bases and alien human hybrids have become talking points. As has the fact that these sightings have all taken place within a twenty-mile radius of each other. Within this radius, several military bases reside.

As files become available years after the event, it appears the military have more interest than they made out publicly.


The “School” Incident

The Broad Haven School UFO Incident of 1977 is one of many that would bring the eyes of UFO researchers, and indeed the eyes of the Ministry of Defence, bearing down on the area.

Fourteen children would make reports of seeing a UFO land in broad daylight in a field across from their school. Six of them even claimed to have seen a humanoid figure in a “silverish suit” emerge from the craft. Also noted were “odd long ears!”

They described a silver, cigar-shaped object that landed shortly after lunch time, just before the children began their afternoon classes. Some witnesses would speak of an orange-green light that sat on a dome on top of the craft.

Two hours later at 3:30 pm, the object was still there. It eventually rose from the ground and hovered overhead. It was of a similar size to a double-decker bus according to reports. After hovering for several minutes, it disappeared behind the trees and out of sight.

A teacher at the school (who wished to remain anonymous) reported she also had seen something strange that day. A “shiny oval-shaped object with a slight dome” in the field where the children said they saw it. She also heard a distinct humming sound as the object rose above the trees.

By the following day, initial inspections of the area showed rain had washed away any markings from the ground. Interestingly, however, there was substantial damage down to a telegraph pole. It was bent at an angle and stood where the children claimed they saw the object hovering.

The video below looks at the incident at Broad Haven School in a little more detail.

Aftermath And “The Broad Haven Triangle”

In the weeks and months following the incident, reports of other sightings surfaced. Soon, investigators and media alike would refer to the area as the Broad Haven Triangle.

At Ripperston Farm, the Coombs family had several UFO encounters. As well as regular sightings of strange bright crafts, they noticed their electricity bills increasing for no apparent reason. Their TV set would regularly “burn out” as would batteries in their family car. On one occasion, they even stated that an entire herd of cows were “transported” from one field to another.

In April 1977 however, two months after the school sighting, the worst of all the incidents happened. While watching a movie at home in the late hours, a tall figure in a “spacesuit” appeared at their window. His face seemed to be “blank” – as if it wasn’t there. One police officer who attended the Coombs’ home later stated they were “the most frightened family he had ever been to see!”

At around the same time, the owner of the Haven Fort Hotel, Rosa Granville, reported a further bizarre occurrence. Awoken from her sleep at around 2:30 am by bright lights from outside, she peered out of the window. She could hardly believe her eyes. A strange object, like “an upside-down saucer” had landed in a field opposite the hotel. Furthermore, she could see a pair of “faceless humanoid” figures next to the craft. All the while, Granville was aware of an intense heat that came from the craft and infiltrated the windows.

So agitated from the incident, Granville proceeded to write to her MP, Nicholas Edwards, demanding an explanation. In turn, Edwards made contact with the Ministry of Defense.

Serious “Secret” Investigation

While the incident was very much played down at the time, the Ministry of Defence did, in fact, conduct very serious investigations into it. As files became available to the public as the years went on, it appears that the MoD very much kept any information for such a relatively high profile case under wraps.

A member of the military had indeed come out to visit (question?) the aforementioned Granville following her letter to Edwards. According to Granville, she later claimed the military advised it was best “not to say anything about the incident!” The reason offered so as “not to alarm the general public!”

Behind the scenes, however, the MoD were conducting extensive but very discreet investigations. These investigations were for military eyes only. Even politicians were not privy to their findings. What this perhaps suggests more than anything else is that the crafts witnessed were not solely military experiments.

Some people have come forward making random “confessions” that they were behind the sightings claiming them to be a hoax. For their part though, the schoolchildren who witnessed the Broad Haven School sighting, have all stuck to their original story.

The case is still investigated to this day by UFO investigators and researchers. Whether any further light will shine on the incident, however, remains the question.

The videos below feature witnesses speaking at the Broad Haven UFO Conference very recently. The first is a general “Q&A” session. The second video looks at the incident “on location” at the schoolyard where the sighting occurred.

Puffin Island and Underwater Alien Bases

Many reports of strange and potential UFO activity exist around Puffin Island. A lot of those reports also speak of strangely lit objects leaving and entering the waters. Many UFO researchers even claim that a UFO base sits under the water off the coast of the island.

The sheer amount of UFO sightings in this part of the world would seem to lend credence to this. The video below, for example, claims to have captured a mysterious UFO over the skies of Wales in 2015.

Phil Hoyle has conducted extensive investigations and interviews with witnesses and even abductees. He has no doubt that the alien abductions and sightings in this area connect to the sightings at Puffin Island.

Other researchers even speculate that the “visitors” may not be aliens at all. Instead, they theorize that they are the descendants from the lost ancient civilization of Cantre’r Gwoelod. Might the “mythical” land once have sat in the area? Might there be remnants of that civilization alive today?

Whether there are underwater bases off the coast of Wales, or the lights simply a natural phenomenon is still unanswered. What is certain is the people of this part of the world are certainly seeing “something!” Of that, there is no doubt.

The video below shows a very authentic looking UFO sighting in Wales from January 2012. Make of it and the aforementioned theories what you will.

Celtic People (Including Welsh) Are “Targeted” For Abduction

Hilary Porter claims she has been abducted by aliens several times over a period of many years. What’s more, she also claims that people of Welsh descent are particularly targeted by extra-terrestrials. Further to that, they are doing this in order to establish a genetically engineered alien-human hybrid.

Porter believes that the Celtic bloodline is easier for them to achieve this. One interesting side-note here, there is also many reports of high UFO activity in Scotland. This is another part of the world where the Celtic bloodlines are strong. She also believes to have isolated a precise spot where many of these abductions take place. On a particular stretch of road that runs from Swansea to Cardiff.

Perhaps even more worrying, Porter states that governments are fully aware this is happening, but are powerless to stop it. She also asserts that this “program” is not at all for the benefit of the human race. Porter claims that those who recall “spiritual” experiences with aliens are simply experiencing false memories. These memories – implanted by the aliens themselves – ultimately hide their true end game.

Whether people in Wales need to be alert for alien abductions more than most is open to debate. However, the cattle mutilations that have taken place in the area certainly draw the attention of many UFO investigators. As you might imagine, many of them believe this is almost certainly a further connection to strange activity.

Porter speaks of her experience regularly at UFO conventions and to dedicated UFO media. The video below is an interview she gave in 2014 to Richard Hall.

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