The Book of Giants, found among the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Destruction of the Nephilim

More than 60 years ago excavations in the Qumran caves revealed almost a thousand ancient scrolls, which opened important flashes to the past of mankind. Archaeologists were at a dead end to find one unusual text among them, a scroll that offers the keys to the death of the Nephilim. This is called the Book of Giants.

The Bible makes several references to Nephilim, and most of them can be found in the book of Genesis. Most of the information relating to these giants of antiquity comes from the apocryphal Book of Enoch. This ancient Jewish religious work is attributed to Noah’s great-grandfather, although some scholars consider it part of about 300 BC.

Enoch is, at least, a mysterious character. The book of Genesis tells us that he lived on Earth 365 years before he was taken by God; He walked with God; And He was no more; Because God took it. During his stay here, our planet was also inhabited by angels who freely interacted with humans, eventually interbreeding with the daughters of man and spawning a race of unnaturally strong and giant hybrids called Nephilim.

The origin of the word Nephilim is not fully understood, but scholars have suggested several etymologies: fallen, apostates, or those that cause others to fall. Regardless of their name, Nephilim have always been synonymous with giants.

The book of Giants, found in the Qumran caves, offers a point of view different from that contained in the Book of Enoch. Although scrolling fragments are incomplete, they draw a grim picture: Nephilim begin to realize that as a result of their cruel and deviant ways they face imminent death, and this frightens them enough that Enoch allows them to speak on their behalf before God.

The text begins with a detailed description of how the Nefilim tortured the Earth and everything that lived on it. But as soon as they all begin to receive prophetic dreams of death, fear seeps into their hearts. The first of these dreams was Mavway, the son of the titans of the angel Barakel. In a dream, he saw a pillet immersed in water. When the nameplate appears, all but three names have been deleted. It symbolizes the Flood and the subsequent destruction of all, except the sons of Noah.

At that time, this fact did not become apparent to the Nefilim, so they discussed the significance of Mahway’s dream, but tried unsuccessfully to interpret the signs. Shortly thereafter, two more giants, Ohea and Hahya, the sons of the fallen angel Shemyaz, begin similar dreams; They dreamed that the tree was uprooted, with the exception of its three roots.

After that, the rest of the group of giants began to have apocalyptic dreams:

Then two of them had dreams, and the sleep of their eyes fled from them, and they got up, came to [and told] their dreams and said in a meeting [of their fellow monsters] [In] my dream I watched it That night [and There were garden] gardeners, and they watered [two hundred trees and] the big shoots came out of the root [] all the water, and the fire burned in all [the garden] They found the giants to tell them the dream

The Giants now realize the prophetic nature of their dreams and turn to Enoch for help. Unfortunately, Enoch has already disappeared from the face of the Earth, so the Nephilim chose one of his members to make a space trip to find him.

[Mahway] rose in the air like strong winds, and flew with his hands like the eagles [he left] the inhabited world and crossed the devastation, the great wilderness, and Enoch saw him and called him, and Mahvei told him [] and there in the second Once to Mavwei [] The Giants are waiting for your words and all the monsters of the earth. If [] has been moved [] from the days of [] them [], and they will be added [], we will know from you their meaning [] two hundred trees that have fallen from the sky

Unfortunately, parts of the scrolls were damaged without the possibility of recovery, but the general direction of the text is obvious. One of the Nefilim traveled beyond the Earth in search of Enoch, and his vision interpreted the forces. The text becomes very interesting if we substitute a few terms and regard it not as an allegorical story, but as a description of a real event, the meaning of which has become confused over time.

If we look at how the metaphor was flying like eagles, can we put forward the hypothesis that Mahwey took off from Earth on a spaceship? In this case, is Desolation really, the great desert refers to interstellar space? It depends on how far were ready to interpret the fragmentary scroll of 2000, but the ancient foreign theorists do more than just take it at face value.

Enoch sends Machvea back where he came from, promising him that he will speak to God on their behalf. Unfortunately for Nephilim, the pills sent by Enoch in return did not bring good news:

The Book of Enoch [a copy of the second tablet, which [Enoch] sent in Enoch’s hand a famous scribe [In the name of the great God] and a saint, Shemyaze and all [his comrades]

Let it be known to you that not [], and what you did, and that your wives [and they, their sons, and their wives [their sons]] because of your licentiousness on earth, and it was against you [and the Earth cries] and Complains of you and of the affairs of your children [] the harm you caused her.

[] Until Raphael comes, behold, destruction [is coming, a great flood, and he will destroy all life] and everything that is in deserts and seas. And the meaning of the matter is in you for evil. But now, loosen the bonds that bind you to evil, and pray.

Whether they prayed or not, the text can not say. But they no longer appear here, once again proving the effectiveness of the global flood.

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