The chief of the US Army is threatening in Russia: “We will defeat you, stop you – we will destroy any enemy”

The Chief of Staff of the Army General of the United States Armed Forces delivered a speech at the United States Army Association, which could suggest that the United States is preparing to confront Russia and China.


General Millie said that although the United States and its major military and political allies have focused in recent years on countering the threat posed by international terrorist groups such as Al-Quda and the Islamic state. During this period, countries such as Russia, Iran, China and North Korea use the United States in these conflicts on the periphery and develop their armies in accordance with the principles of North America. Milli said that he suspected that they were modernizing their armies with the clear goal of defeating the United States in battle at some point in the future. To support his argument, he led a high-ranking Russian official who said this; “The established world order is experiencing a fundamental shake-up” and that “Russia can now wage a conventional war in Europe and win”.

Milli warned that the conflict between close people would be extremely deadly and could incur losses for US military, which coincide with World War II. However, although it was clear to him how difficult and difficult is the struggle with such a country as Russia for the United States, he is also optimistic about what will be the result. He said; “I want to be clear to those who want to hurt the US military, despite all our problems, despite our [operational] pace, despite everything we did, we will stop you and we will beat you more than ever.” Beaten. Do not make a mistake in this. We can now, and we will retain the ability to quickly deploy, and we will destroy any enemy anywhere, anytime. ”

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