The CIA has a program called “The Secret Journey Through Time”

Portals can be found in many books, films and video games. Some of them are connections between distant places, others move backwards or forwards in time, and the most powerful ones lead to different dimensions. Most people believe that these locks exist only in the field of science fiction, but there are those who strongly support the idea that portals were discovered in ancient times and, quite possibly, in our days.

According to two employees of the US National Security Service, the Ministry of Defense has developed a technology for traveling in time more than 45 years ago.

Back in 1967, the US government had a fully operational temporary travel mechanism based on quantum access, researched by Tesla.

This technology was used to hide military targets, as well as provide political and economic benefits, knowing what will happen in the future. Some argue that the CIA seized Teslas’s papers after teleporting shortly after his death.

One of these two National Informants, Michael Relfe, is a former member of the US armed forces who claimed that he was a member of a top-secret US operation.

Hired in 1976, he spent the next 20 years regulating and expanding one of the two American colonies on Mars. These bases served as a strategic highly intellectual research center, and in order to preserve their secrecy they were built in the future.

Relfe said that after spending 20 years in the Martian colony, he abolished old age and pushed back in time. He argued that this was a routine procedure, and that employees usually have some memories that are blocked or erased before discharge.

Dr. Andrew D. Basiago was a member of the DARPAs Project Pegasus (1968-1972) project, which focused on time travel in the space-time hologram.

He knew that the CIA is actively preparing groups of gifted American students to become the first generation of researchers of time and space.

Children are better suited for this mission for several sinister reasons. First of all, they were considered ideal candidates because of their clear minds and lack of experience or experience. The US government wanted to know if the travel time had any side effects on younger bodies and minds.

Adult volunteers usually became insane after several travels, but, fortunately, the children had another brain constitution that could protect them during such a trip.

Another application of quantum technology was found in political manipulation. According to Dr. Basiago, future persons of interest will be notified in advance of the roles that they will play in the future.

He said that in the early 1970s in Albuquerque, New Mexico, he attended a table with George H.W. Bush and George Bush, when they were informed about their future presidencies.

Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton also made paid visits from time travelers, and it was rumored that in 1982 another student in Los Angeles approached President Obama.

To support this demand, there are numerous eyewitness accounts from people who studied at college with Obama and can confirm that he often returned from parties and then claimed that he would be the future President of the United States.

Basiago argues that in 1971 he saw images of an attack on the twin towers on September 11, 2001. They were derived from the future and returned for analysis. This means that the US government knew about 9/11 for three decades ahead.

If we believe informants and those who support them, this technology is kept secret, despite the fact that it is funded by the general public.

They say that people deserve to know what is really going on, the truth about space exploration and the presence of earthlings on other nearby planets. Teleportation can solve transport problems all over the world, instantly transferring people and goods.

If their theories are confirmed, they lose sight of some revolutionary ideas and huge technological growth, which we were denied, although it has existed for so many years. Are we really living in a big, thick lie?

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