The city is found 360 feet below the city of Missouri, found a giant human skeleton

Coal miners in Moberly, Missouri, mine mine depth of 360 feet, enter the cave, where you can find a wonderful buried city, sources said in 1885. Incredible masonry and artifacts of style were discovered. Including a stone fountain that flows perfectly clean water.

Lying next to the fountain was part of a human being and, measuring the bones, he came to the conclusion that when the living figure was three times larger than an ordinary person, according to “Globe-Globes”.

It is reported that more than 1,000 accounts of seven-foot and taller skeletons were discovered from ancient burials during the 200-year period in North America.

Newspaper accounts, the history of cities and counties, letters, scientific journals, diaries, photographs and reports of Smithsonian ethnology have carefully documented this.

These skeletons communicate from shore to coast with strange anatomical anomalies, such as double rows of teeth, jawbones so large that they are suitable for the seeker’s face, and elongated skulls documented in almost every state.

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