The conductor in an abandoned mine captures an eerie “demonic singing,” while the subway in a horrific video

The researcher in an abandoned mine captures an eerie “demonic singing,” and the metro in a horrible video

A man was studying an abandoned gold mine in Western Australia when he heard phrases such as “go outside” and “you see me”

The brave abandoned my researcher received a little more than he expected, when he heard terrible noises, being a few meters below the ground.

While some of us are struggling to even walk around our own homes in the dark without being frightened, the researcher recorded footage of what would send chills down the back of even the most intelligent people.

A man named in videos, like Frank, studied the Valdeka mine in Bilune, Western Australia, when he turned the corner to hear an eerie sound that sounded like hundreds of demonic voices chanting.

It is impossible to explain the sounds, he wonders if they can be birds or snakes.

Nevertheless, terrifying noises – this is not what he wants to discover, – and he hastily turns away and corrects his steps from the old golden mine.

Evil voices were heard deep in the Waldeck mine, Viluna, Western Australia.

Phantom voices were caught on video and posted on YouTube under the title “Exploring abandoned mines.”

In a message about this video, Frank wrote: “Disturbing, strange sounds. This is exactly what I caught on the video while filming and documenting the abandoned mine Waldeck.

“The Waldeck mine is an abandoned gold mine, located deep in a wooded canyon in a high country.

“The abandoned mine is more than 150 years old, and in its most remote areas there is still a lot of amazing but dangerous formwork.

“There are upper levels in the Waldeck mine, but I just researched and documented the main tunnel for transportation.”

Despite the exploration of the mines for life, terrible noises were for Frank even a little.

In the video, he already sneaked through most of the mine, commenting that he probably must get out before the ceiling collapses.

Then, whence he just came, the noise can be clearly heard.

However, while such disturbing sounds would cause most of us to scream and run, he keeps it cool, stopping to try to understand what it is.

In the frame, he says: “Do you hear this?

“Sounds … is it the wind?

“I do not know if you can hear it in the cell.”

The noise stops, and Frank goes on a quest further, and then a terrible noise starts again.

He says: “I do not know what it is, it does not look like the wind.

“It’s insane, I do not know if it’s a bird.” It’s like a snake.

“I’ve heard some strange things in the mines, but it’s definitely creepy, so let’s get out of here.

“It was strange.”

With his breathing clear now a little faster, he continues to get out of the mine – a little faster.

The viewers on YouTube clearly think that this person is ridiculous even for the sake of going to an abandoned mine first.

Alexander Bints wrote: “Investigating an abandoned mine in the woods at night during a storm alone with one light … And I still climb the stairs, turning off the light.”

Other viewers are adamant that they can distinguish words pronounced by demonic voices.

Chris Bell said: “I heard” go outside “and” you see me “pretty clearly.

“All voices seem to be rhythmically overlapping each other.
Other viewers said that they can repeat the word “faster” several times.

No matter what the noise, it seems, there are not so many people who want to return to the mine in order to hurry with the investigation.

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