The film since 1943 reveals the secrets of the secrets of illuminations … the producer was killed over him!

Ever heard of the film “Occult Forces”, which was released in 1943? If you have not heard about this, do not doubt that you are not alone. It turns out the film, which was the last, which was filmed by the French director Paul Richie, who was shot down in 1949.


It turns out that many suspect that because of this film Rishy’s death came, which reveals the belief that the Illuminati have an evil agenda long before other films appeared. The film, although a fragment of fiction depicts the so-called system of Masons in a less favorable light. There are scenes in the film that some may find quite disturbing, for example, a scene in which a member of the Masonic system says that he loves Lucifer, which, of course, is another name for the Devil. So, what does this have to do with the Illuminati? Well, many years believed that Masons and Masonic lodges are other names for Illuminati. Not exactly what some want to hear who belongs to the Mason program.

But, going back to Richet, did this film really cost him his life? Well, no one ever came to admit it, but it seems strange that soon after the film was released, he was shot as a result of an accidental act of violence, as the police called it. So, his death was thrown aside, which led only to the great controversy surrounding his death.

As for the film itself, this is not the first or last time that the film had people in their hands. This may be fiction, but then it was the birth of a nation that was a controversial film for its time. Thus, there was the Davin Code, but this did not stop him from talking about many in the Catholic faith who wanted to condemn the book and the film based on it. So, in other words, fiction can excite people, especially when it comes too close to reality. The film “Occult Forces” is now broadcast online, and many can view it for themselves, to see if it really is as contradictory as claimed. Keep in mind, however; The film can be difficult to watch, given its subject matter, and when he looks through it, many may think whether it really caused a person’s life.

Selected clips and the full movie below. Pay attention to all seeing eye rubbish in Mason’s house!



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