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The First Flying Saucer Report – Witnessed By More People

The very first ever Flying Saucer report was created by Kenneth Arnold (a very experienced pilot) and he was adamant that he saw nine Flying Disks. He was able to give detailed descriptions which look similar to a Horton Wing.FacebookTwitterEmailChia sẻ

In 1947 private pilot reported nine saucer shaped objects moving at speed

Guys, after reading up more on this story I had discovered really by accident of other account’s of large formations of Flying Disks around the same time as Kenneth Arnold’s world first Flying Saucer reported incident in 1947. The person was called Richard Rankin of Bakersfield in California and Byron Savage of Oklahoma City, Elvira Forsyth of Seattle, drew a heel-shaped object for reporters even, the curved part facing forward and so for me this is huge because these people just came forward and said and I quote “ten silver disks, flat on the bottom, heading north at 9000 feet”.

How I imagine first contact might look?

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I can’t even begin to tell you about how much more there is to this story than just one guy’s eye witness testimony. There’s dozens of them and they’re all seeing exact or eerily similar UFOs in ten’s or nines and even sevens, which is stunning. It goes against everything we are taught at school, college, university and that’s because it’s different! It goes to the core of Government and cover ups. Check out the links and sources below, bottom in this post for all the information that will shed many new lights on this amazing UFO (historic UFO) encounter and ones you probably never knew about until now.

The first photographs showing Kenneth Arnold with an artist's rendering of what Kenneth Arnold actually saw. The impression is of a flying half Moon type craft.

There you go, “the first ever Flying Saucer reported officially” was actually nine Flying Saucers and it was reported by a credible eye witness and I mean exceptionally credible eye witness. The witness in question had to pass fit to fly and be non drinking at the time of flying – every time! You know what, here’s a snapshot of his credibility:

Arnold owned a ranch in Boise, Idaho, where a hay-field was his runway. His company, Great Western Fire Control Supply, manufactured fire-fighting equipment. He was a deputy federal marshal and a member of the Idaho Search and Rescue Mercy Flyers.

San Diego reader

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The Kenneth Arnold Flying Saucer artist impression image, showing us nine Flying Wing type Disks and a single engine plane. With mountains and clouds in this amazing and colourful rendering of which is depicting the flight that Kenneth Arnold had taken on June 24th, 1947 when he had the first ever reported Flying Saucer or UFO incident whichever you prefer to call it.
Here’s an artist’s impression of the nine Flying saucers which Kenneth Arnold saw and reported on 24th July 1947. This is an excellent and believable encounter which I’ve covered a few times because it’s our first Flying saucer incident which was later backed up by another witness.
Credit San Diego reader.

So, after reading up more on this amazing encounter I have now discovered that another person had seen either the exact same Flying Saucers in formation or others that had been elsewhere instead of at Kenneth Arnold’s (K.A) own UFO incident? These could be an entirely different kind of Flying saucer but similar to K.A’s? The eye witness actually read about (see link) Kenneth Arnold’s UFO incident and said because he had seen them also he wanted to back Kenneth Arnold up even though they hadn’t met. He felt it was the right thing to do! His name was

The National Archives on how to look for UFOs is actually a great place to check out. It even mentions the Kenneth Arnold incident.


Friday, June 27, 1947

San Diego Union headline:

“Fast Disc-Like Objects Noted in Wide Areas.”

San Diego Union

Five or six weeks before Arnold’s sighting, Byron Savage of Oklahoma City watched a flat disk shape, larger than any known airplane, “hurtling through the sky at tremendous speed.” Savage was an experienced pilot. When his wife said it must have been lightning, he kept quiet. But when he “read about that man seeing nine of the same things, I thought it only fair to back him up.”

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I absolutely insist that you look up the story for yourself and research this amazing part of UFO history. Seriously, it keeps getting better and better as the more you research and the more the dot’s keep just keep on being connected and things become more clearer. This is now a confirmed case as far as I’m concerned because this guy Richard Rankin has confirmed Kenneth Arnold’s testimony and as I’ve stated about his credibility, well – it doesn’t get any better even nowadays, than that.

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Source San Diego reader/San Diego Union before merger.

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