The Five Greatest Threats to Humanity

With special attention to the criminalism of politicians, especially presidential candidates, it’s easy to overlook people who are really responsible for all this chaos. Much of the political landscape of the United States for more than a century, and perhaps long before that, was controlled by a small minority of wealthy families and individuals with a specific agenda. Through political and economic machinations for many years these groups and their minions financed both sides of wars and benefited from them. They own corporations that pollute our planet and exploit us all. They own banks that make us slaves to an imaginary debt. They own politicians and police forces that are called upon to serve us, but they are trying to undermine us and our democracy at every turn. Regardless of where you live, the following people work against all of us, seeking only to provide more power and influence and control every aspect of our lives. Our time we learned their names.


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Rockefellers, perhaps, are one of the most evil families in American history. J. D. Rockefeller, the first US billionaire, was responsible for the monopolization of the American Medical Institute more than 75 years ago and led a campaign to discredit other natural resources in favor of the pharmaceutical industry that he helped create. He and his descendants later funded the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, which used Freud’s methods to influence the opinions of the masses. Graduates of this institute continued to assume leadership roles in the mainstream media, government and corporations. David Rockefeller is the only surviving grandson of JD Rockefeller, and, thus, continues his family dark heritage, using his incredible personal wealth. He openly admitted that his long-standing family plan was to create one world government controlled by the elites, saying:

Some even believe that [the Rockefellers] are part of a secret bondage that works against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as internationalists, plotting with other people around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure in one world, if you Will. If it’s a charge, I’m guilty, and I’m proud of it.

David Rockefeller played an important role in planning the emergence of this new world order through his influence in the Bilderberg Group, the Tripartite Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations.

Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger is a war criminal, like no other, although some of his proteges, such as Hillary Clinton, have come close. Not surprisingly, since 1954 he was one of David Rockefeller’s closest friends. Kissinger, being Secretary of State of Nixon, observed a bloody coup in Chile, an illegal bombing of Cambodia and millions of victims in Vietnam. However, because of his insider relations with the military-industrial complex, Kissinger received the Nobel Peace Prize, a decision so outrageous that several members of the Nobel Committee resigned in protest. Although Kissinger is no longer a Secretary of State, he still has tremendous influence and is working as a consultant for some of the biggest names in US and international politics. He served as mentor to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and largely influenced the development of the American system of eternal war. His legacy is manifested in the endless war on terror and extrajudicial killings of US citizens through a secret unmanned war.

Larry Summers

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Larry Summers is not very well known, but his influence was nonetheless significant. Summers was a key player in economic policy under the administration of Bill Clinton, holding various important positions in the US Treasury, until he became secretary of the Treasury in 1999. Summers, along with his mentor Robert Rubin, was responsible for the deregulation of the US banking system through the Elimination of the Glass-Steagall Act, which makes him more responsible than any other person for the 2008 economic crisis, and the economic crisis that we will soon face.

Moreover, Summers also conspired with a series of major banker killers to deregulate the banks of the whole world. Summers and his friends forced almost every government in the world to sign the Financial Services Agreement, an addition to international trade agreements administered by the World Trade Organization. The only country that refused, was Brazil, one of the few countries that avoided the worst crisis of 2008. Summers pushed all this deregulation to make bankers richer, as the 2008 crisis was, in fact, a massive shift from people to bankers. With Summers, still very influential in the US government, his work will only worsen the inequality of inequality in the US over time.

George Soros


George Soros is one of the most famous billionaires in the world. Soros made him rich as a currency manipulator, famously earning a billion dollars in one day, starting the British financial crisis and becoming the result. During the Asian financial crisis of 1997, Soros was accused by the Malaysian government of knocking down the currency of countries through his insider trading activities. He did something similar in England, which prompted Thailand to call him an economic war criminal. Nevertheless, Soros is better known for his funding of political reasons, as well as his machinations that helped lead to a refugee crisis in Europe. Soros is also accused of falsifying elections, because he has strong ties with several companies that produce electronic voting machines. Many of these voting filters financed by Soros do not work and even switch votes. Soros also pushes to one world government and worked to undermine US sovereignty, as well as the sovereignty of other countries in achieving this goal.


Sir Jacob Rothschild, the current patriarch of the British Rothschild genealogy

And last but not least, we have the Rothschild family. The Rothschilds are perhaps the richest family in the world and in fact own the majority of the world’s central banks, which are private institutions in most countries, as well as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. The most famous patriarch of the Rothschilds, Mayer Amschel Rothschild, once said:

Give me control over the money of the nation, and I do not care about who makes the laws.

Since then, it was the maximum family of the Rothschilds. The Rothschilds are also responsible for Zionism, the racist ideology against which many Jews are opposed, and the State of Israel, which has caused numerous wars in the Middle East in a short history and is responsible for the incredible suffering of the Palestinian people. With so much money and so much strength, the Rothschilds have incredible influence in American and international politics, so much so that even Hillary Clinton asked them to forgive in the leaked letters. This one family has the right to economically destroy any nation that does not do what the Rothschilds want.

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