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The Hudson Valley Sightings Of The 1980s Are Still Happening!

Starting in the early-1980s, the residents of the Hudson Valley area of New York would begin seeing strange aerial sights. The bulk, or first wave, of these strange sightings, occurred between 1981 and 1994. All were startlingly similar in nature. Multiple lights would be seen in the sky, usually moving into formation. Sometimes the lights would move through the sky as if they were all part of one craft. What would also make these particular sightings all the more unique is the multiple witnesses to these events.

Photograph of strange UFO sighting.
Photograph of strange UFO sighting.

Although the sightings died down somewhat in the mid-nineties, there are still reports of such activity in the region today. Perhaps even more interestingly, a short distance away in the Bronx, a surge in UFO sightings appears to be underway.

Before we look at some of these sightings, check out the short video clip below. It is footage from 1984 by Bob Pozzouli and has verification as being authentic. It is typical of the kind of sightings over the Hudson Valley area of New York during this time.


Initial Wave, 1983

Perhaps the most well-known of the early Hudson Valley sightings would occur on 24th March over the skies of Brewster. The town’s telephone switchboard became jammed with frantic calls reporting strange lights in the night sky. Gridlocked drivers on the Taconic parkway left their vehicles to observe the lights passing overhead. They appeared to be part of a large “mothership” craft according to some.

Dennis Sant is just one person who witnessed the craft as it made its way directly over his home. Sant, a government employee for almost twenty years, and married father of five children is an extremely credible witness.

He would later state, “Thoughts started to flood my mind, thoughts of the craft touching the ground, thoughts of an encounter with an alien being. Thoughts of being abducted. All types of fearful thoughts started to enter my mind!”

According to Sant, the object was most definitely three-dimensional and made of “girder-like”, dark gray metallic outer shell. The lights were “all brilliant colors” and had the look of a floating city at night!

Check out the video below. It looks at Sant’s experience in a little more detail.

Several months later in late June, another mass sighting occurred. This time, frightened residents could hear a strange, low humming sound permeate the whole area. Suddenly a huge “disc-shaped” craft, exploding in strange lights, made a pass over them. Estimates later claimed the craft to be “the size of 16 or 17 houses!”

You can check out the short video clip below which shows another typical sighting of the era in Hudson Valley.

Further Sightings

The sightings would continue throughout the eighties. Even then, by comparison to today, with reduced news outlets and no Internet, some people were beginning to connect the dots of these random sightings.

In the summer of 1986, while driving home from work one evening, Rob Levine focused his attention on what looked to be a low-flying aircraft. Within seconds it had moved much closer to his position. He brought the vehicle to a stop. The object flashed with colored lights, unlike anything he had seen before.

As he maintained his view of the object, it seemed to keep moving further away and then closer. All the time the craft did this at great speed. The lights would flash in a V-shape, and then seem to form into strange, unknown letters. Levine would later claim that he had a feeling the craft was attempting to communicate. All the while, he noticed how quiet his surroundings were – almost surreal. As were the light beams projecting from it. However, they seemed to Levine, to be strangely projecting from the ground and up to the craft.

In total, between 1982 and 1986 alone, over three-hundred reports of such sightings occurred. The details of them were remarkably similar. All would speak of lights in many colors and of them arranging themselves into shapes, in particular, a V-shape.

The video below looks at the Hudson Valley sightings in a little more detail.

Arthur Kill River Sighting 2001

As the 14th of July gave way to the 15th, numerous people made reports of strange lights in the sky. Many made reports from their cars on the road approaching the New Jersey Turnpike. The lights seemed to be over the Arthur Kill River.

The glowing orbs were in a V-shape formation as they moved across the sky. Reports differed as to whether the lights were from one craft, or they represented individual objects. Some would claim that the lights began to scatter themselves away from each other before disappearing.

Interestingly enough, neither the local weather service nor nearby Newark Airport picked up any strange activity on their respective specialist equipment. The whole episode evoked memories of the sightings of the 1980s for some.

You can check out the short video clip below. Although it isn’t the best quality, it still captures what the witnesses would later speak of.

Sightings Continue Today

Although they aren’t as frequent, many sightings persist in the Hudson Valley area. On 5th June 2016, during an intense thunderstorm, a report of such a sighting hit the Internet. A storm-watcher, known on YouTube as “BillNY Skywatcher” managed to catch the strange craft during a live stream.

Many people believe the footage shows genuine proof of UFO activity. So much so, that the British Disclosure Group analyzed the footage frame-by-frame to determine its authenticity.

You can check out the footage below and below that is the frame-by-frame analysis.

These sightings are also happening in other parts of New York, including New York City. In fact, there appears to have been a surge of sightings around one-hundred miles and almost directly to the south of Hudson Valley, over the skies of the Bronx area of New York. Many of these have found their way onto social media. A simple search on any search engine will bring back hundreds, if not thousands of sightings.

In April 2015, a flurry of sightings would occur. Perhaps more notable, they came in broad daylight, with numerous reports made to authorities. The commotion was so great, that local politicians would call for serious investigations into the strange airborne objects. Since then, sightings have become regular, occurring both at night and during the day.

Are these sightings from different areas of New York connected? Are they linked to the Hudson Valley sightings of the 1980s? Is there presence an indication that a “base” or even a portal lays nearby in the New York region?

The video clip below looks at just one of these recent New York sightings. It is very interesting stuff, to say the least.

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