The huge entrance leading into the interior of the moon appears on NASA images

December 21, 1968 mission NASA Apollo 8 flew to Earth’s natural moon. This event was a historic moment for humanity, as it led the first people from the Earth’s orbit and into the moons. The mission, led by Commander Frank Bormann, command module pilot James Lovell and Lunar module pilot William Anders, was the first human mission to see and also take pictures of the far part of the moon.

A total of 2908 images were taken using a 70-millimeter camera mounted on the Lunar orbiter, and surprisingly or not, several anomalies appeared. After 10 hours of the orbit around the moon flew for 20 hours, the crew took the final snapshot of the dark side of the natural satellite that we will never see. It clearly shows a massive triangular structure on the surface, and after the images were made public by NASA, a heated debate took over the UFO community.

The assumptions about what constitutes an unusual anomaly on the surface of the Moon are extremely diverse. The image itself is full of mysteries and contradictions, because the appearance does not fit into any rational explanations or criteria, and, in addition, it covers an essential area of ​​the moon. So, what is this mysterious sight? Maybe it’s just a camera malfunction, or is it really the real reason that the Apollo 8 team stopped doing any other shots, thereby stopping the mission without revealing more understanding of what is actually going on there?

I will not call this wonderful appearance a mother or UFO, because it clearly resembles some kind of structure. Some UFO analysts believe that this is a three-dimensional object found on the surface, because it allegedly leaves a slight shadow over the area, and this will only lead us to the assumption of an alien ship, of which I really do not think.

Although the proposed UFO fleet was recently discovered near the far side of the moon, the likelihood that such a massive ship will appear during the Apollo 8 mission is unlikely, because aliens will not simply reveal their presence in such an obvious way. Instead, the photograph can show the actual entrance leading to the interior of the Moon, proving that our natural satellite is not so natural.

In recent years, hunters for UFOs have acquired many skills due to the advanced tools that they have at the moment. Mr. Crow of YouTube, along with other vigilant observers, took off a strange phenomenon, which they called a lunar wave. According to their studies, the Moon can be nothing more than a holographic projection that hides the main stage when aliens (or military) act without movement. I know that this can not explain such things as tidal motion, but the moon wave, surprised by the numerous UFO hunters, will surely cause a lot of questions.

Another plausible explanation relates to an abnormal structure as to the door of the moon or the passage leading to the inner depths of the moon. You are probably familiar with the concept of “Emptiness of the Earth,” but what if the Moon is also hollow?


Scott Waring of ufosightingsdaily has an interesting point of view on this that he expressed in his blog:

This is what happens when you are too close to the Moon of the Earth. This is a giant discovery in our moon. In the left edge you see a wall that rises a few miles. It happened here that the camera was so close to the Moon that the holographic raincoat was now malfunctioning, writes Waring.

I mean that cameras are usually photographed in accordance with the shutter speed. This speed can be charged, but today’s cameras can take speeds up to 1/1000 seconds. Other photos show that he left. So, the glitch in their cloak was so fast that the human eye could not even see it, but the technology did, and he also recorded it, he added.

So this Apollo 8 camera probably had a speed of only 1/200 seconds or so, but that was enough to fix a crash on our moon. Its there, we can see from the details that it’s not a mistake, but it’s really built into the surface of the moons. This is an excellent proof that the moon is an artificial structure, concluded Waring.

Although he does not make any direct reference to the lunar wave, he highlights one more possibility that the Moon is an artificial structure. In 2009, it was proven that NASA was bombarding the far part of the moon, and the Chinese government also revealed conflicting photographs of structures found on the lunar surface that strongly resemble mining objects. It is not clear what exactly they found there, but there is an undeniable interest in the Moon.

If we destroy an alien outpost located on the Moon, or if the secret entrance leading into the hollow moon was photographed by unknown astronauts of Apollo-8, we can only guess, but intensive activities aimed at the Moon in recent years have shown an open mind, people thought, That something really strange is happening there.

Until the last hour of disclosure comes, do not forget to follow all the information that has leaked and declassified on the Internet. After all, he can answer your questions before the government. NASA Reference

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