The lost city of the giants, excavated in the jungle of Ecuador

Ecuadorian myths speak of ancient cities of giants hiding in the jungles of the Amazon, abandoned by their unusual inhabitants and slowly recovered by nature. In fact, most of the tribes from the Amazon basin remember stories of a race of giant people who built prosperous settlements long before people of the usual size reached this area.

Led by local beliefs of mythical creatures, a group of explorers traveled to a remote place in the tropical forest of Ecuador to see for themselves whether the truths were spoken. The aborigines led the team to a place they called a saint, where local tribes gathered to celebrate the powerful spirits that are believed to inhabit this site.

When they reached this sacred place, megalithic structures began to form, the largest of which is the pyramid 260 feet high and 260 feet wide with an irregular angle. The structure was built using hundreds of huge boulders weighing at least 2 tons. When they examined the top of the pyramid, the researchers found a flat, polished stone that was probably used as a ceremonial or sacrificial stance.

Most of the body structures were covered with lichen, but the remaining visible stones showed a thick and seemingly impermeable material that held the boulders together. Could this be one of the first examples of using concrete in America? And how did the Amazonian giants create such a complex material in those ancient times?

But, probably, the most fascinating discovery comes in the form of manufactured tools. Oversized and old, they mingled with the forest floor. What they served is unclear, but the researchers believe that they were used in metalworking. Nevertheless, one thing remains clear, their size would make it impossible for a modern man to possess such a tool or weapons.

Bruce Fentom, writer, researcher and member of the team who found this supposed giants city, believes that the tools revealed are the final proof of the giant people who inhabited the Earth.

What really points strongly at this housing is by placing the same race of giants, if the presence of extremely large hammers or at least stone hammers, he said.

Assuming that they are attached to solid wood handles, they would be incredible in size and weight, which made them useless as tools for typical Incas or Indigenous Indians, these creatures usually were about five feet or so.

Expeditions in the tropical forests of Ecuador have brought results confirming the fact that once there were giants. Extensive bones were found scattered in caves throughout the Americas, and still there are data that appear daily, indicating that our written history may require some rethinking.

Another interesting thing is the secrecy displayed by the local authorities. In 2013, when the Ministry of Culture of Ecuador sent its representatives to investigate this site, they came to the conclusion that the pyramid-shaped building was nothing more than a natural education.

On the contrary, Fenton and his team believe that the diameter and shape of the boulders, a complex pattern after their manufacture, and also their fine assemblage, seem to be directed to an artificial origin. In addition, there are still unusually formed structures in the vicinity that are awaiting investigation.

Several massive mounds, which seem unnatural for this place, are waiting to be unearthed in the years to come. Despite the fact that a dense layer of vegetation has piled on them, there are some researchers who say that under them there can be cameras and tunnels. Others suggested that there may be a whole complex of pyramids and houses that could hide the remains of the long-lost race of giants.

Until further study, we can only think about this hypothesis. However, the lack of cooperation shown by the local authorities clearly raises some question marks. Is there something of extraordinary significance somewhere in the Amazon jungle, which they intend to keep secret?

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