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The Many Bizarre And Chilling Gateways To Hell

Whether Hell actually exists, or whether it is merely a word to describe a concentration of “evil” in a particular place is open to debate. Or perhaps Hell is nothing more than a place of torment described to in order to keep people in line. Since the beginning of civilized societies, there have been various descriptions of this place of torment.Gateway to Hell.

Gateway to Hell.

Entrances to Hell reside all over the world and in the most varied and bizarre of places. Be it in strange caves, invisible gates, or even modern day sewer systems.

The 2013 movie, “Nothing Left To Fear”, although a fictional film, would take its inspiration from real legends of the small and otherwise sleepy town of Stull, Kansas.

The majority of the activity takes place in the cemetery. According to the local folklore, the Devil will appear here. Many teenagers use the site as a drinking location. According to them, bottles would fail to break if thrown against the ruined walls of the church. Inside these ruined walls, sits a portal that allows those in the underworld access to the world of the living. Amid safety concerns, and in an effort to deter adventure seekers congregating there, the church ruins would be subject to demolition.

There have been various strange incidents in the small town of Stull, however. When investigators have attempted to capture EVP, they would occasionally pick up what appears to be the voice of an old woman. Perhaps this is one of the Devil’s wives, who legend says resides here, along with the grave of their infant son.

We will look at some of the other locations to Hell around the United States shortly. First, however, check out the trailer to “Nothing Left To Fear” below.


Gates To The Underworlds of Ancient Greece

Of course, legends of Hell go right the way back to antiquity. The legends of Ancient Greece speak repeatedly of the underworld.

Just one of these entrances to the underworlds is the Cape Matapan Caves. These sit at the far south of modern day Greece. In Ancient Greek mythology, this location was a “back door” of sorts to the underworld. One other point of interest is the temple that resides at the caves, dedicated to the Greek god, Poseidon. Poseidon’s brother, Hades, just happens to be the god of the underworld.

In 2013, one of the gateways to Hell in Ancient Greece in Hierapolis (that is now in modern day Turkey), appeared to have been unearthed by a team of archaeologists. The layout of the ruins appeared to mirror the accounts of Pluto’s Gate.

Archaeologists made particular note of how birds that flew too close to the entrance would drop dead almost instantly. This also matched the accounts of Strabo who stated that “animals which enter…..die instantly!”

The video below looks at the find in Turkey in 2013.

Bizarre Entrances To Hell in the United States

Perhaps one of the strangest locations of a gateway to the underworld is that located behind the Black Prince Distillery Clifton in New Jersey. And it is easy to see why this location has claims as one of the entrances to Hell.

Satanic symbols sprawl out across the walls of the tunnel system. The tunnels themselves contain the remains of bones, apparently from Satanic rituals and sacrifices. Even the layering of the tunnels themselves represents the circles of Hell.

The short video below features footage from within the tunnel system behind the Black Prince Distillery.

Just off a lonely road in Hallam, Pennsylvania, lay the Seven Gates of Hell. What is particularly strange about this location, is that all but one of the gates is invisible during the day. Only by passing through all seven of these gates, will you find yourself in Hell.

Possibly seen as one of the scariest locations, is Satan’s Hollow, in Blue Ash, Ohio. The location houses a Satanic alter where rituals and sacrifices take place. Local legend even states that a doorway to hell became open as a result of one of these rituals. A strange shadow man now guards this doorway. Those who have ventured to the entrance have made claims that they could hear blood-curdling screams coming from deep inside.

The short video below looks at one of the many investigations at Satan’s Hollow.

The Demon House of Indiana

In 2014 a seemingly run-of-the-mill house in Indiana in the United States began to appear on various online media outlets. The house – purchased by Zak Bagans of the TV show “Ghost Adventures” – contained evil spirits in abundance, as well as a portal to Hell to boot.

The house was previously occupied by a mother and two children, one of whom would be subject to demonic possession. This included the twelve-year-old girl levitating above her bed. Her nine-year-old son also suffered at the hands of whatever forces were in the house. For reasons no-one can explain, he “walked on the ceiling” in front of his shocked and aghast mother.

Bagans wished to investigate the property for himself. It would appear he certainly came across significant activity. A little under two years after buying the house, he ordered its demolition. He would state publicly that “dark energy” resided there, and that he had to “close the portal!”

Following the demolition, the ruins would go to a secret storage facility.

The short video below features news footage of Indiana’s Demon House.

The Bottomless Pit Under Houska Castle

Perhaps one of the lesser-known doorways to Hell resides under Houska Castle in the Czech Republic. Sitting around fifty miles from Prague, the claims are that a “bottomless pit” sits directly underneath its foundations. Anyone brave enough to venture down there will find Hell waiting for them.

Built between 1253 and 1278, the reason for building it was to keep the evil, from the pit from escaping into the outside world. With a closer inspection of the centuries old building, it becomes apparent that behind the windows lay only the bricks and stone of the main walls. They are there merely for decoration only. Over the pit itself, a small chapel sits in an effort to keep whatever evil lurks underneath at bay.

One particular local legend states that a prisoner who was due for execution would have the chance of a reprieve. The condition? They would lower the prisoner into the pit and then he would report their findings once back at the top. The prisoner agreed and ventured into the darkness below. Following him letting out a scream like no-one had heard, his captors would bring him back from the pit. His hair had turned white and he resembles a man decades older than he actually was.

Interestingly enough the Nazis – who had a dark interest in the occult – took over the castle as a military headquarters during the Second World War. Many believe their sole purpose for being there was an attempt to open the portal to Hell.

Check out the video below. It features paranormal investigators and their findings from Houska Castle.


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