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The Moment Russian ISS Cosmonaut Noticed UFO Ships

The NASA that everyone knows and “loves” isn’t exactly what it is all set up to be because the cracks have been widening for decades and now it’s just a massive hole in the ground. Anyone willing to peer into the hole will see some really strange things. The only limits to what you’ll see is your imagination and sleep.FacebookTwitterEmailChia sẻ

Every single day brings a new piece of of the UFO/Alien jigsaw puzzle. honestly though It really doesn’t matter where you are in terms of “your gathered and retained Ufology knowledge” or how much other people know about Ufology, seriously it’s not a race. It’s definitely not a game of gather as much UFO information as possible because simply put, it’s endless. You’ll never get to the end of Ufology knowledge as it’s just so vast.

This is 100 percent proof NASA knows about alien craft buzzing around the ISS

Scott Waring ET Data Base

NASA is like space itself, it’s vast and inaccessible, it’s empty (of truthful answers that count anyways) and it’s dark. It’s oh so very dark, devoid of straight answers, it’s void of telling the public the truth because it’s right there, but yet so very, very far away and that’s been the case since the very beginning!

Here’s a quick analogy:

But, every now and again a planet (whistleblowers) comes by on it’s merry way in an endless orbit (unstoppable force of truth) which opens up the doors of questions by giving us a brief look behind the Wizards curtain at a world full of answers:

It look's like the ISS is being surrounded by UFOs as the Cosmonaut yells to mission control "it's a ship". It doesn't get any better than that but as I always say (on loop) that NASA knows more than they're letting and yes they do use green screens and yes the astronauts are loyal to the end. they won't discuss or even utter anything that would throw or cast doubt on the NASA organisation. Buzz Aldrin, he get's away with it.
The NASA astronauts and the cosmonauts are all very loyal. They will not cast doubt on NASA’s validity or the green screens, or the cover up’s or the fact that they use wires in videos to fool the viewers into thinking they’re in space. The Jet engines give it all away. When there’s no Jet engine sounds, they use wires. It’s all publicly accessible information.

NASA must know about any and all crafts because of radar

The Navy, Army, weather agencies, aeroplanes and ships on the sea all use radar or some sort of tracking the immediate space around them for one thing or another so, how the hell is all these UFOs getting so close? How is NASA not seeing all these strange “debris”? Also, instead of saying no comment when asked, why don’t they just say it’s debris? Maybe, by saying it’s something else, they know that they are admitting to knowing about it?

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The questions are simple but timeless…

Man and woman has looked into space for aeons and aeons and wondered the timeless questions that all curious beings have thought at one time -could there be life out there in space?

These are real UFOs

Date of sighting: Nov 21, 2019
Location of sighting: International Space Station
Source: NASA live ISS cam

Anyways, this UFO ship isn’t just one but a trio. There’s three UFOs which seem to magically uncloak at the ISS and one starts to actually change shape and the others are all moving with the ISS. They start to move with the ISS and go upwards.

Source Express. Source ET Data Base. Source Scott Waring YouTube.

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