The most closely watched area of the world, hiding aliens and their technology?

Area 51 is the most secret and the most protected area of ​​the world by the US military. What lies in the bowels of an inaccessible base?

North of Las Vegas, near the territory of the Nevada desert, is an area of ​​15,000 square meters. This is the most secret and the most protected area in the world in the military field of the United States 51. This is the area where the first were conducted underground nuclear weapons tests and where there were secret US military exercises.

Later, research and training flights with the newest types of US Air Force combat aircraft began. The base, in which various histories and myths circulate, in particular, about the existence of UFOs. It was built in 1957 as a military research center for drying a lake

The base is shrouded in mystery

Area 51 is a mysterious territory, surrounded on all sides by mountains and deeply penetrating into an uninhabited desert. In any case, it is not open to the public, the entrance is strictly protected, and for the entrance to this facility there is only a choice of military and US researchers.

Since 1957, this is the base base in which Air Base Lockheed has innovative aircraft for the CIA needs. A secret military base, located on the bottom of the dried lake Groom, through which the longest runway in the world passes. Among the pilots to make this territory, called Dreamland – the land of dreams.

This is an area used for strictly secret new research that is necessary to improve the effectiveness of defensive forces and national security. The base, however, will always be surrounded by a veil of secrecy, because the US Air Force recognized and finally confirmed the existence of the facility in Area 51 in 1994!

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