The mysterious creature that was born on the farm was finally determined

Big gave birth to a mutant piglet that has a face resembling a primate or monkey. This creature was part of a bedding of 15 people and was born in Guizhou Province, China, where such incidents are too common.

Strange mutant was born on December 3. Unlike his brother, the creature can not feed on its own. But the owner does not want him to die. Instead of letting him die, he was forced to feed the bottle with a mutant, a monkey looking at a piglet.

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The animal was described by many names: the face of a monkey, a mutant, a grotesque pig, a monkey monster.

It has two holes where its nose should be and overbite. This allows his long tongue to speak out of his mouth in a strange way.

He has two eyes, but they have different sizes. They hide from the head of the animals.

The shape of the horn of the pig makes it impossible to feed for the anima. He can not suck mothers on the nipples, like other pigs, and they need to be fed to survive.

The owner is a farmer-plant by profession and wants an ugliness in order to survive. He began to feed the bottle, like milk, like a child, several times a day.

It is not clear whether pigs will survive any longer. And if so, many people reflect on how it will look when it is older. The appearance of a piglet with monkeys caused heated controversy throughout China, and now the world.

People blamed pollution problems in China for a mutation. Another reason can be the abundance of genetically modified food, tucked in the diet of these uterine pigs.

Others joking that the pig’s mom is dealing with a monkey.

Mutant pigs appeared more often in China and all over the world. Recently, a mutant pig with a penis-like attachment to the forehead appeared.

Do you think that these mutant pigs are signs that something bad is happening with food?

There are already numerous reports that the Chinese regulations are so weak that they can send junk like food to neighboring countries and, perhaps, to America. For example, China has sold plastic rice to unaffected customers for many years.

Most popular comments to MailOnline:

Poor, dear with his obvious mistake of nature, looked like a monster.

Each new species began with a mutant at some point. Let nature take its course. If he lives and reproduces, it’s good on him. If not? It should not have been.

Poor creature. Put him to sleep, not his parades.

I think the best thing here would be to put the poor thing .. It must be in terrible pain.

I hope that someone takes the car of this pig correctly, its very sad

Poor thing, let’s hope that she can survive and prosper.

Very insensitive, poor things, probably with pain and embarrassment. Suppose he is alright to paralyze a deformed child and write stupid articles about it?

What do you think you need to do with this mutant pig?

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