The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls

There is an old Indian legend that tells about the existence of thirteen ancient crystal skulls with great powers. As they say, there were once twelve planets inhabited by people, and a skull representing each of them. The other thirteenth skull. Skulls have a sacred knowledge about the past and future of mankind and our destiny in general.

Legend has it that in a difficult time the skull could be found, and then play an important role in guiding mankind on the right path. By that time, we will have to be mature enough not to overcome their enormous potential.

The first crystal skull was found in 1924 by Anna Le Guyon Mitchell-Hedges, who was adopted by the daughter of a British adventurer and author F.A. Mitchell Hedges. Studying the ruins of Lubantown “City of the Fallen Stones” in modern Belize, she came across the altar in the great temple pyramid. This hidden inside the altar was this crystal skull. Although it was found on the Mayan website, Anna and many others believed that she originated somewhere else and could not even have been of earth origin. Maya could just be the previous owners of this skull, and not its creator.

Since its discovery, the skull has been at the center of archaeological disputes. Nobody can say exactly where and when it was created and for what it served. Despite this, many people claim their mystical powers, and the stories surrounding this fascinating subject are full of strange and unusual phenomena.

Anna lived to the age of 100 years, and she said that she owes her longevity to the healing powers that the skull possessed. She said that she was healthy and happy because of her crystal skull.

Over the years, various people have come into contact with the skull, and many of them reported that he communicated with them and protected them in various ways. Some of these people had the opportunity to spend a long time with the artifact, and they claimed that sometimes he had an aura, and sometimes pleasant chants came from that. The skull spoke and sang, as the legend says.

He occasionally provided visions, and hundreds of men and women said that they had witnessed incredible events from the past and the future, such as images of sacred sites and ancient rituals, as well as scenes from the ancient history of the Earth. They saw the passage of time, the rise and fall of the seas, the movement of the continents, destruction and creation. Another common image is a spaceship in an interstellar journey.

It is believed that the crystal skulls are of Aztec origin. Anna claimed that her age was at least as old as the Mayan culture, perhaps even older and extraterrestrial. Cultures of the Aztecs and Mayans moved in many ways, and they developed in a relatively short period of time. They looked at the night sky and had a vast cosmic mythology. They had complex calendars and calculated the movements of stars and planets. They accurately predicted astronomical events. The skull also served as a central theme in their sacred calendars. According to some researchers, the Maya claimed that their ancestors came from the stars.

A lot of questions concerning the crystal skull needed answers. To do this, Anna’s crystal skull was first explored in the 1970s by art restorer Frank Dorland. Its age could not be determined by carbon dating, since it is made of quartz and therefore does not contain carbon. Dorland could not find traces of control scratches remodeling the use of metal tools. The quartz has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale, while that of the diamond 10. But the quartz might not be carved with primitive tools, even if they had diamond nozzles, because this could damage it.

Dorland said that it could be cut in rough form, and then polished and polished using abrasive material. However, this process could take up to 300 years to reach the level of detail of the skulls. Hewlett-Packard also examined it and determined that the skull and its removable lower jaw were made from the same left-growing quartz block. It seems that more questions were asked than answers.

The skull turned out to be difficult for the generally accepted scientific opinion, because he did not give up secrets regarding his origin, age and role. Scientists from Hewlett-Packard would not agree with an alternative explanation. An interesting fact is the choice of material, because quartz has some interesting electrical properties, namely piezoelectricity. This property allows you to accumulate a certain electric charge at a mechanical stress.

Is this related to the already mysterious character of the skull or not? A crystal skull of unknown age and origin, which also has the ability to hold electrical energy and oscillate at a constant and accurate frequency? Now this is really something. As a side note, quartz is used in computer chips because of its piezoelectric properties. Can crystal skulls be information storage systems or even space telephones?

Remember, the Native American legend said that the crystal skulls were created by creatures that are not people like us. On the replica of the skull, a forensic method was used to reconstruct the face, and the person who was the result was a Caucasian woman. Skeptics consider this proof for the skull, which is a fake, created in Europe in the 20 th century.

But at the same time, we could take into account those things that were discussed in his article. Many cultures around the world have a central support in their legends, mythology and religion, and this pin is a white-skinned, white-bearded civilized god with Caucasian features. It may be a coincidence or a contrived assumption, but empires were built and destroyed for less.

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