The researcher believes that Internal Earth Civilizations can soon show themselves to the world

In a new interview with Coast to Coast am author and researchers David Wilcock stated that the alliance of ancient civilizations lives within the planet. These ancient civilizations for a long time called the inner Earth their home, and they are about revealing themselves to the world. Wilcock explained that during the formation of all the water planets in the universe (and, according to NASA’s latest research, there are quite a few of them) hollow cavities are formed below the surface of the crust, with their own biome with bacteria capable of giving Natural light.

This means that you can really live inside the caves on Earth with visible light, he was surprised.

Wilcock argues that, based on his research, it seems that these cavities are used so that the advanced civilizations have a place where they can live, looking at everything that happens on the outer Earth, on the surface of the planet.

Wilcock firmly believes that during the long history of our planet, numerous advanced civilizations, such as the Atlanteans, went underground to survive the chaotic times that dominate the surface of our planet. In the end, they decided to settle in their new underground habitat.

The existence of underground tunnels and passageways has been the subject of controversy for centuries. Ancient civilizations around the world talk about these entrances, which lead to whole new kingdoms located far beneath the surface of the planet. Ancient humanity in Turkey seems to have recreated these legends by building huge underground cities such as Derinkuyu, or the largest one ever found near Cappadocia Turkey.

Wilcock believes that the government knows about its presence because of the accidental discovery of them through secret projects aimed at creating secret underground bases.

In an interview with C2C, Wilcock claimed: Theyll has these tunnel boring machines, and sometimes they break into places where they should not go, and there are already people there.

When quoting testimony from Cory Goode’s contactee, Wilcock argued that there have been recent cracks in the fracture between the weak relations between people on Earth and people living on the surface who know about their existence.

This military industrial complex previously worked with these people and had contracts with them and is now trying to kill them, said Wilcock

That’s why, according to Wilcock, these inner civilizations of the Earth have come together to respond to the great threat that has arisen recently and are turning to interstellar entities in the hope of getting their help to fight the forces that are trying to destroy them,

According to C2C reports, Wilcock stated that the long-awaited meeting between the two groups was finally held, and Gude was allowed to watch the exchange. A tremendous request was made by the interstellar organizations after the meeting.

People from Inner Earth came out of it quite shocked, said Wilcock, they were asked to reveal themselves as part of the disclosure, if the underground societies agree with the request, he reflected, I think we are going to find out What underground bases are much more extensive than we thought, And much more ancient.

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