The Russian pilot reported on a close meeting with two UFOs! July 2016

July 2016 – Russia, the Kursk region – 60,000 feet. The Russian military pilot reported on a close meeting with two UFOs, they were shot by an airborne camera
The Russians approached the topic of UFOs with the utmost seriousness and attention to detail. Boris Sokolov, a retired Russian colonel, conducted an in-depth study in 1980. “For 10 years,” said Sokolov, “the whole of the Soviet Union has become one of the giant UFO listeners.”

There were 40 cases when pilots encountered UFOs, explained Sokolov. Initially, they were ordered to pursue, and then shoot a UFO. But when the pilots are busy, the UFO will accelerate. In two cases, the pilots pursued the goal, lost control and crashed, and the crew died on impact. After these unfortunate incidents, the pilots received another order: when they saw a UFO, they must change course and exit.

October 5, 1983 Sokolov was ordered by his commander to immediately leave for Ukraine. In the message of the commander of the base, the chief of the General Staff said that on the eve, from 4 to 8 pm, near the base, there was a UFO. During this time, the missile launch codes were mysteriously included. The way this happened was never adequately explained.

Dr. Rimili Avramenko, a Russian scientist, showed that during the Vietnam War, a massive UFO flew over Hanoi. Although every major weapon in this city was aimed at a ship, it did not budge.

Observations of UFOs by Soviet cosmonauts are not unusual. Unlike the reluctance of American astronauts to talk about this subject, Soviet references to UFOs were reported from the very beginning, with Yuri Gagarin himself. In the documents Gagarin quotes that UFOs are real, they fly with incredible speed and that he will tell more about what he saw in orbit – if he will be given permission to do so.

According to cosmonaut Musa Manarov from the “Peace in 1991” mission: This happened during a mission visit, when all our attention was focused on the slowly approaching space capsule. Perhaps it was a kind of UFO.

Former Soviet leader Yury Andropov, a longtime KGB head, experienced a keen personal interest in UFOs and ordered a 13-year program, according to which every soldier in the army had to monitor the territory of Russia.

Through Andropov’s personal interests in 1978, two committees were set up to investigate UFOs, one military and one civilian. Andropov ordered four million Soviet soldiers to provide detailed reports of the incidents.

According to some sources, the program resulted in hundreds of thousands of observations recorded 13 years before it was abandoned after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990.

However, most cases had a “rational explanation” and were mainly related to technical issues, such as launching missiles. ”

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