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The Secret Human / Alien Bases – Part. 1

The Secret Human / Alien Bases – Part. 1

In 1969, the base was built northwest of Dulce with an agreement between the CIA and the aliens. The base is allegedly located in the Apache Jicarilla Indian Reserve. The entrance is on Mount Archuleta (or Archuleta Mesa). The base provides water and electricity from the Navajo River, and discharges dirty water into the same river. The U.S. Government occupies the highest levels of the underground base, and the aliens control the lowest levels.

Revelation by Phil Schneider

I would first like to repeat to you that the United States is truly a beautiful nation. I have traveled to more than 70 different countries and I do not remember a country that has the beauty of the United States and the charm of its people.

In order to give you an overview of my achievements, know that I started my studies in a polytechnic school (editor’s note: engineering school). I therefore devoted half of my training to this field of study and I built my reputation as much as a geologist as as a civil engineer with specializations, in the military and aerospace fields. I participated in the construction of two major bases in the United States, at least one of which has acquired notoriety in what is called “the New World Order”. This is the Dulce base in New Mexico.

In 1979, I was involved in a shooting with “humanoid” aliens and I was one of the only survivors of this incident. And I’m probably the only survivor you’ll ever hear from on this. Two other survivors happen to be under close surveillance today. I am the last to know the detailed files of the operation as a whole. A total of 66 security guards, FBI members, black berets and the like died in the shooting and I was there.

First of all, be aware that much of what I’m going to tell you is going to be quite shocking. And probably totally incredible. And so, I will ask you to be open-minded. In addition, you are free to do your own research. I know that the Freedom of Information Act is a law that allows any American citizen to demand the “declassification” of secret government documents after a fairly tedious procedure) little but it is what we did best.

A local administrative library is a good place to monitor parliamentary records (editor’s note: question and answer sessions of the United States Federal Congress and parliamentary commissions of inquiry where many of the files relating to CIA abuse and administration). It is therefore by striving to do research that we will remain vigilant and firm with regard to this country.

Military bases of great depths and occult projects

I like my country better than my own life and if I expose myself here to the risk of my life, it is not without reason because I believe in what I do. The first part of this talk concerns very deep military bases and the question of hidden budgets. The hidden budgets are budgets struck by definition with the seal of secrecy and which “pump” almost 25% of the GNP (gross national product) of the United States. These shadow budgets consume nearly $ 1.25 trillion annually and are at least allocated to secret, secret programs like those of very deep military bases. To date, there are over 129 such underground facilities in the United States.


They have built these bases tirelessly, day and night, since the early 1940s. And some of them were even built well before this period. These bases actually consist of large underground cities linked together by high speed magnetic levitation trains whose cruising speed exceeds Mach 2 (more than 2000 km / h). Several works have been devoted to these subjects. My friend Al Bielek also owns my last copy.

Richard Sauder, a graduate architect, risked his life talking about these issues. He has worked with a number of government agencies in the area of ​​deep underground military bases. In Idaho alone, where you live, there are no fewer than 11 such facilities.

The average depth of these bases is more than a mile (over 1500 meters) and they are actually real underground cities. In terms of volume, these are installations ranging from 2.66 to 4.25 cubic miles (between 4 and 6 cubic kilometers). They have laser drilling machines capable of tunneling 7 miles (more 10km) in length in one day. These “occult projects” bypass the authority of Congress and are therefore completely illegal. And today, the very functioning of the New World Order rests on the existence of these bases. If I had known about the involvement of the New World Order in this project when I was working on it, I would never have collaborated on it. I was more than deceived.

Military technological development involving German interests in hyperspace technology and more …

Basically, for a “calendar” year that goes by, corresponds a good 44.5 years in terms of technological progress. This is why it is easier to understand the fact that as early as 1943, ILS were able to create a vessel which could literally disappear at one point and appear at another thanks to the use of a technology based on the use of vacuum tubes. My father, Otto Oskar Schneider fought during the war in both camps (editor’s note: US and German).

Initially, he was captain aboard a U Boat (ndtr: German submarine) to be subsequently captured and repatriated to the United States. He was involved in various projects such as the atomic bomb, the hydrogen bomb, the Philadelphia experiment. whose first act took place on a ship, the USS Eldrige in 1943). He was the inventor of a high-speed camera that filmed the first nuclear experiments that took place on Bikini Atoll on July 12, 1946.

I have the original pictures of these tests and these photos show a UFO flying over the place where the bomb was at high speed. At that time, the Bikini region was really “infested” by UFO appearances, especially under the sea and the indigenous populations saw their cattle victims of mutilation. And it was also at this time that General Mc Arthur estimated that the next conflict would be with extraterrestrial beings from other universes.

In any case, it was my father who carried out with certain theoreticians the preparatory work for the Philadelphia experiment as well as other projects. What does that have to do with me? Nothing except the fact that it was this man who was my father. I can’t approve of what he did but on the other hand, I can’t help but tell myself that he had quite a bit of guts coming here. He was hated in Germany. There was reportedly a $ 1 million reward payable in gold for anyone who killed him. And of course, they did not succeed. Let us return to our subject, that of underground bases of great depth.

The shooting at the base of Dulce

In 1954, under the rule of the Eisenhower administration, the federal government decided to circumvent the American Constitution and to sign a treaty with extraterrestrial entities. This treaty was baptized the “Greada treaty of 1954” whose agreements provide that the signatory extraterrestrials had the right to remove a few head of cattle or to test their techniques of implantation on a few human beings, it being understood that they had the accountability for the experiences of those involved in the case.

Little by little, the extraterrestrials no longer respected the terms of the treaty until they simply decided to do what they wished. Such was the situation, moreover, in 1979. And it was at this time that the shooting of Dulce occurred almost accidentally. I was busy building ancillary facilities at the Dulce deep military base, which is probably the deepest base. It spans more than 7 levels, reaching a depth of 2.5 miles (more than 4km).

At that time, we were busy digging 4 separate deep excavations in the desert. We intended to connect them to each other and detonate large portions at once of soil to do this. My job was to go down to these boreholes to take soil samples to determine the type of explosive that should be used. As I went down to the site of the works, we found ourselves confronted with a large number of extraterrestrial entities at the heart of an immense cave, extraterrestrials known under the name of Large Grays (editor’s note: Large Grays in opposition to short grays or Small Gray, humanoid type X Files of small size).


I shot two of them. At that moment, there must have been around thirty people involved in this affair. Nearly 40 other entities came in for reinforcement after the start of the incident and all were killed. We had come across an important extraterrestrial base. Later, we actually discovered that these alien entities had lived on our planet for a long time, perhaps millions of years. This can probably explain a lot about the theories relating to “ancient astronauts”.

Anyway, I was wounded in the chest by one of their weapons which turned out to be a kind of case which they sported on the body, a weapon which literally pierced my body and inflicted on me a beautiful dose of cobalt radiation. I got cancer because of this.

I wasn’t really interested in UFO technologies until I started working on the Area 51 site north of Las Vegas. At the end of a period of more than two years spent recovering from the Dulce incident, I therefore began to work for different firms like Morrisson and Knudson, EG&G etc.…. At the Area 51 site, they were testing different types of very specific alien vessels. How many people are familiar with the Bob Lazar case? It was actually a physicist whose job was to understand the mode of propulsion of some of these vessels.

Other revelations

By the end of 1979, Thomas C. could no longer cope with the staggering reality he faced. An officer in charge of high security matters at the joint extraterrestrial / American government base in Dulce, he had learned and witnessed disturbing things. After a great internal tug, he decided to desert the establishment by bringing various elements.

Equipped with a small camera, he took more than 30 photos in different areas of the multi-level complex. He gathered documents and grabbed a security videotape in the Control Center showing different views of labs, hallways, aliens, and US government personnel. Then, turning off the alarm and the camera system in one of the 100 exits to the surface, he left the facilities with photos, video and documents. He hid the originals after making a set of five copies.

Thomas was ready to go underground. But when he went to pick up his wife and son, he was awaited by government agents in a van. His wife and child had been kidnapped. He had been betrayed by K. Lomas (a college). The officers wanted what Thomas had taken from the base in exchange for his wife and son. When it became clear to him that they would be used in biological experiments and were not going to be returned to him unharmed, he decided to disappear. It was over 10 years ago. How was Thomas involved in all of this secret intrigue?

Thomas, now 50, received top secret photography training at an underground facility in West Virginia when he was about 25 years old. For seven years he worked in high-level security photography in the Air Force. In 1971 he left this job to join the Rand Corp in Santa Monica, California. In 1977 he was transferred to the Dulce facility. He bought a house in Santa Fe, New Mexico and worked Monday through Friday. He went to work by means of a deep underground pipe equipped with a tube-shaped shuttle.

At that time, he had a research companion who worked in security in Santa Fe (New Mexico) and made personal investigations into the apparitions of UFOs, animal mutilations, masonic groups and witchcraft in the area. In 1979, a mutual friend came to Santa Fe to visit them both. The visitor read the photos, the videotape and the documents on the Dulce Base. They were made of drawings which then circulated in the urological community under the name of “Dulce Files”

According to Thomas, there were over 18,000 little “grays” in Dulce’s facilities. He also saw reptilian humanoids there. One of his colleagues came face to face with a six foot reptoid that had materialized in his house. The reptoid expressed interest in wall maps showing research results in New Mexico and Colorado. They were studded with colored pins and markers indicating animal mutilation sites, caves, high activity locations of UFOs, usual aerial trajectories, abduction sites, ancient ruins and presumed locations of underground bases extraterrestrials.

Dulce’s multilayer installations include a CENTRAL CORE controlled by law enforcement. The level of security increases as one descends into the depths. Thomas had the ULTRA-7 authorization level. He knew the 7 degrees but it is possible that there were others. It is assumed that the extraterrestrials occupy levels 5, 6 and 7, the 5 being that of housing. The only inscription in English is in the corridor of the shuttle-tube station and says “to Los Alamos”. There are links from Dulce to facilities in Page, Arizona and then to an underground base below Area 51 in Nevada. Dulce is also connected to establishments below Taos, New Mexico; Dati (N.M.); Colorado Springs, Colorado; Creed, Colorado; Sandia ‘then in Carlsbad, New Mexico. It seems that there is a vast underground network of connections under the United States constituting a global system of tunnels and underground cities.

In the Base of Dulce, most of the inscriptions on doors and in the corridors are in an extraterrestrial language or in a universal symbolic system understood by the two cultures. Thomas said that from the second level everyone gets naked, is weighed and is given a uniform. Visitors have an off-white uniform consisting of a zipped jumpsuit. The person’s weight is recorded every day on a computerized identification card. Each change in weight is monitored and above 1.5 kilos a physical examination and a radio are required.

There are scales attached to the floor under the access doors to all sensitive areas. The staff inserts their access card into a slot in the door and types their access code. For the door to open, the weight and code must correspond to what is recorded on the card. In the event of disagreement, security is immediately called. No one is allowed to carry anything. All supplies are conveyed and passed through X-rays. The return from a sensitive area is carried out under the same conditions.

All elevators work magnetically, they do not have cables. The magnetic system is located in the walls of the well, there is no conventional electrical control. Everything is controlled by advanced magnetic processes, including lighting. There are no ordinary light bulbs and the tunnels are illuminated by fluorescent broadband emissions. In some deep tunnels a kind of phosphorous pentoxide is used for temporary lighting. For unknown reasons aliens do not enter these areas.

On level 1 is the garage for surface maintenance.


Level 2 houses trains, shuttles, drills and disc maintenance.

In level 4 we do research on the human aura, and also on all aspects of telepathy, hypnosis and dreams. Thomas says they know how to separate the bio-plasma body from the physical body to place the life-energy matrix of an extraterrestrial entity in a human body after removing the spiritual-life-energy matrix from man .

Level 6 is nicknamed “the Hall of the Nightmare.” There are genetic laboratories where experiments are carried out on fish, seals, birds and mice whose original form is greatly altered. There are humans with multiple arms and legs, various cages and tanks containing bats like creatures over two meters in length. Extraterrestrials have taught humans a lot about genetics, both useful and dangerous.

Grays and reptoids are eminently analytical and very technology-oriented. They have been at war in the past with Nordic-type humans from other space civilizations, and it is possible that they may stop here for future conflict. Crazy about computer science and bioengineering, they are pushed to conduct irresponsible experiments without regard for what we consider to be moral and empathetic towards other living beings.

The main government organizations involved in human genetic mapping, the “Genome Project”, are the Department of Energy (widely present at the Nevada Test Site); the National Institute of Health; the National Foundation for Science; The Howard Huges Medical Institute; and, of course, the Dulce underground laboratories which are run by the Department of Defense (DOD). Thomas had revealed that the head of genetic experiments for Los Alamos and Dulce was Larry Deaven.

According to Thomas, the androgynous extraterrestrial reproduces by parthenogenesis. At Dulce the most common form is that of embryonic fractionation. Each embryo is divided into 6 to 9 individual “cunne” (pronounced counet), that is to say children of the same parents. The food necessary for the growth of the cunne consists of a “formula” usually composed of plasma, deoxyhemoglobin, albumin, lysozyme, an electro-positive solution, amniotic fluid and the like. The term “genome” is used to describe all of the chromosomes unique to a particular organism (or a cell in that organism), as opposed to the genotype, which is the information contained in these chromosomes. Human genes are located at specific chromosomal locations. Decrypting them is an ambitious project that will take years and require a lot of IT resources.

Is extraterrestrial and human BIOTECHNOLOGY intended to cure us and to make us service or to control us and dominate us? Why were people kidnapped by UFOs used in genetic experiments? It was when Thomas saw humans in cages at level 7 of Dulce base that things reached a peak for him. Thousands of human beings, remnants of human mixture, humanoid embryos stored in a cold room row after row. “I have often met humans in cages, they were usually dazed or drugged but sometimes they shouted and begged for help,” said Thomas willingly.


We were told that these people were irretrievably mad and used for high-risk tests of drugs to cure madness. We were advised never to speak to them. At first we believed this story. Finally in 1978 a small group of workers discovered the truth. And that’s where the Dulce Wars started. “

More recently still, a team of researchers has gone up to Archuleta Mesa to conduct sound surveys of the basement. A first analysis by computer seems to indicate the presence of deep cavities. How long will this area of New Mexico known to initiates as the ‘D’ section remain impenetrable and mute? For ever?

Pine Gap, Australia

The Pine Gap base, as it is commonly known, is officially called the Joint Defense Space Research Facility. However, the Australians say “Pine Gap”. The Pine Gap base had several functions. Originally, it was used for research and development of defense space technology. The primary responsibility for the base rested with the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) located in the USA.

In the early stages of setting up Pine Gap, the Director of DARPA was Stephen J. Lukasik. Key staff included: 1) Kent Kresa, Special Assistant for Submarine Warfare Technology and Director of Tactical Technology, 2) Lawrence G. Roberts, Director of Information Technology, 3) Eric H Willis, Director of Nuclear Surveillance Research, 4) David E. Mann, Director of Strategic Technology and 5) Lt. Col. Austin W. Kibler, Director of the Human Resources Research Division.

Lurking in a small valley at the foot of the mountains, south of the Macdonnell range, approximately 19 km by plane from central Australia, is one of the wonders of the modern world. The apparent surface entrances of this supertechnological retreat are located at 23 degrees 48 min south and 133 degrees 43 min east. It is in Australia, one of the three largest ultra-secret bases funded by the government of the United States.

Pine Gap is installed on what is believed to be the deepest and straightest water well ever drilled in Australia. It is at least 8,535 meters (8.5 km) deep.
This well could also serve as an underground antenna for the dissemination of very low frequency electricity. Since Pine Gap apparently does research on both the upper atmosphere and the subsoil, it is very likely, unless it is for some other reason, that the antenna of the well serves to synthesize a huge field of standing wave around the planet! Such a system could easily be synthesized on frequencies ranging from, say 9000 cycles per second to 14.336 cycles per second or hertz, enough to produce an electric resonant field at an altitude of 400 km.

We have also heard that Pine Gap has a very large nuclear power plant to power its huge transceiver. Other projects that have been rumored to be circulating include high-voltage, high-energy plasma accelerators … likely used in new methods of power generation, a death ray, or plasma cannon and even specialized energy emissions used to recharge electric submarines far in the Indian Ocean. There is little doubt that the earliest versions of the Pine Gap very low frequency transceiver near Exmouth Bay in Australia were and still are used to transmit very powerful underwater electrical currents to American submarines that tow long antennas behind them. It is also known that the electricity transmitted in this way can be powerful enough to recharge the high-voltage on-board batteries called dynamic plasma storage cells.

The Nation Review, an Australian national newspaper, said some interesting things about Pine Gap in its May 17 and 23, 1974 issue:
“The Pine Gap research base near Alice Springs has managed to keep one of the most incredible research projects in the world to date.
The United States has conducted ongoing research on electromagnetic propulsion (PEM) at Pine Gap since its inception in 1966.

Nixon (former President of the United States) announced that 1975 was the target date for the completion of the project. At that time, this achievement was expected to ease the oil crisis.
Last-minute flaws in the design and operation of PEM vehicles would likely have pushed the date back another four years (author’s note)

For security reasons, the PEM project included hypnotic and post-hypnotic keys implanted in the staff before it was received in the project. It is very likely, however, that this technique has been replaced, now that we know that one of the side effects of LSD and other hallucinogens is precisely to partially weaken the hypnotic effects.

According to many eyewitnesses, white disks about 9 meters in diameter with the inscriptions “US Air Force” were delivered to Australia in large military aircraft … which landed on either of the two airports serving Pine Gap. Other witnesses say they saw these same planes unloading a phenomenal quantity of modern furniture, food and other provisions which one would ordinarily expect to see in a hotel “rupine”. Could it be that near the very obvious Pine Gap base there is an underground city built on several levels? …

Could it be that Pine Gap is also what is commonly known as a shelter for key personnel from the United States in the event of a natural weather or nuclear attack worldwide code would be Noah’s Ark (Noah’s Ark)? … Do you ever know …

If anyone doubts the degree of orbital surveillance that can be achieved today, a 1973 press release on the other functions of Pine Gap should convince them. The statement said that Pine Gap and its sister station, Guam, were servicing photographic satellites as part of what was called Operation Big Bird.

 Each of these “birds” weighed 9 tonnes, was 16 meters long by 3 meters wide, could scan the entire surface of the earth every 24 hours and could change its altitude from 160 to 320 km to take close-up photos of sectors interesting. Whenever the control center asked “the bird” to take a close-up view or a high-resolution photograph of a given strategic area, it used a huge Perkin-Elmer camera to take a low-altitude photograph of the goal. The photos we were shooting were so clear that objects about 30 cm wide were identifiable.
The “birds”, like the first satellites of the 647 program, used infrared sensors and films. It is almost certain that the Russians have equivalent systems in operation. Big Brother is watching us …

In Transvaal, South Africa, there is a station similar to Pine Gap. But it is difficult to obtain information about it. Most of the employees who work there pretend to be American consular employees. However, a consular staff of 1,200 people is excessive to say the least. What is this station called? … is it Krugersdorp or Koedespoort …? This place would also have a link with another TBF station (very low frequencies) at the South Pole. The Deep Freeze operation? … isn’t it a strange coincidence that the two grids of which Captain Bruce Cathie spoke (in his work entitled: Harmonic 695) have poles located at the South Pole too? …

Some of Pine Gap’s main contractors and suppliers were Collins Radio, Ling-Tempco-Vought (L.T.V.), both of Texas, McMahon Construction and I.B.M.
It is also rumored that at the bottom of the well, under the base, IBM computer supersystems would rest on a platform.

The existence of a TBF energy transceiver and electric flying machines is not that hard to believe. You will remember that L.T.V. is an aerospace company that constitutes a conglomerate of subsidiaries in the manufacture of electronic devices and aircraft. IBM has also long ago developed giant computers with crystal clear and extremely cooled main memory units. These computers are able to recognize voice and visual forms. The capacity of their main memory would be more than 2 billion bytes (characters)! Is it not possible that there are certain secrets that the invisible government of the Earth has hidden from its subjects? …
It must be remembered that there were over 100,000 people working on the Manhattan Project to produce the first atomic bomb. Has this secret leaked out to help the Japanese? …


The point of a compass placed on Pine gap and the other extending to Perth, will form, when we draw the circle, a circle around Australia which passes through the following sectors: Perth, the TBF transceiver from Exmouth, Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne (along the Mornington Peninsula and an area just off Cape Otway between Cape Town and King Island.
By the way, Darwin and Adelaide fall on a circle around Pine Gap whose radius is some 1200 km and dust while the area mentioned above gives a radius of just over 1900 km. The Department of Transport (previously called the Department of Civil Aviation) records Pine Gap as R233 on the navigation charts for this area. R233 is limited airspace for space research (that is, do not fly in the area shown on the map). The R233 space is a circle with a radius of five thousand nautical miles, the center of which is Pine gap.

Strange spirals and lines at the intersection of Hatt Rd (entrance to Pine Gap) and Stuart Hwy.


Dr. Steven Greer, testified by a person who worked on a top secret project, admitted that during a helicopter transfer to Pine Gap, he had an altogether unusual experience, the apparently hillside of the hill. , opened as if it were a hologram.
The device went deep into a place where there were huge human-made UFOs, some of which were triangular in shape.

=================================================== ===========================


The Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center (AUTEC) is located in the heart of the Bermuda Triangle. It is largely used by the military. Its mission is unknown to the general public.


A secret base

The research center is located 280 km southeast of West Palm Beach, Florida, on the island of Andros. It also covers an area called the “language of the ocean”: it is a deep oceanic ravine of the Bahamas, separating the island of Andros and New Providence. The ocean depth here varies from 3 meters (along the coast of the island of Andros) to almost 2000 meters over a distance of only 150 km.

The center covers 250 hectares on Earth, but has an impressive area of 430,000 hectares in the ocean. The base is equipped with a very effective security system, and its access is very restricted. Of course, no film or photo is allowed on site.


AUTEC is sometimes equated with the submarine equivalent of US Army Base 51 (a secret base where the government has reportedly studied aliens, and where some witnesses claim to have seen UFOs). Even within AUTEC, electromagnetic anomalies could have been reproduced, which is not without danger for the surrounding ships and aircraft.


Even more disturbing: mysterious devices have been seen several times in the vicinity of AUTEC. Witnesses describe machines performing unusual movements: very tight turns, incredibly fast accelerations, … A witness said that he was 3 km from an inanimate object that floated on the water. He thought he was even a whale. He then approached 800 meters. The object shone strangely, and looked more like a futuristic object. Suddenly, the craft took off and flew over the water at an incredibly high speed, then disappeared underwater.

The mysterious activities of this secret underwater base have raised many questions in the clan of researchers investigating the disappearances of the Bermuda triangle.

Blue holes

Sailors sailing in the shallow waters of the Bahamas are often surprised to see the white sand suddenly disappear from the bottom of the sea in what appears to be a deep blue hole. Sometimes exceeding 100 meters deep, these blue holes are in fact underwater caves formed around 18,000 years ago. They are found mainly in the Bahamas archipelago.


Extremely strong currents form and give rise to vortices dangerous to divers. These vortices can even sink small boats.

Diver Rob Palmer thought these holes were transit points for UFOs from another dimension. His investigations have taken him closer and closer to the AUTEC base, where these blue holes are present in very large numbers.




These facilities are: Groom Lage (Area 51) in Nevada; Dugway Proving Ground in Utah, Cheyenne Moutain (Space Command) in Colorado and White Mountain in Arizona. As for places where these are not normal and daily activities: Lawrence Livermore laboratories, bases of El Toro, China Lake Naval Air Stations and Air Force base of Edwards in California. In Florida, the bases of Englin, Mc Dill and Maxwell AFb (Air Force Base) which serve the Space Centers at Cape Canaveral and Kennedy and finally in Maine, the base of Loring AFb.

Surfing; Can you tell us more about the everyday events that would take place at Cheyenne Mountain?


Maynard: First of all, I would like you to understand a little bit about the background of what’s going on at Cheyenne Mountain, which will give the reader a concrete picture of what we’re talking about when we talk about “daily contacts “.

Long ago there was an organization called Space Command, there was also the North American Air Defense Command (Norad) which was deployed to protect the North American continent from any attack. This was the main reason for building the Cheyenne Mountain complex. The main purpose of this joint American-Canadian organization was to support the SAC, the Strategic Air Command and the Missile Air Defense Program.

Over time, satellite surveillance has been incorporated into the command structure of a lesser-known organization called NRO, the National Reconnaissance Office. The NRO is typically an organization formed for occult operations (Black Ops type organization). It was the task of the NRO to obtain information via the Ariel system and / or satellite imagery. As the exponential increase in space activity in the process increased, another command structure was installed to take charge of these activities independently. It is this structure which has been baptized Space Command.


It is the responsibility and responsibility of Space Command to maintain a consistent and uninterrupted flow of data about daily activities on Earth and in the near space of spacecraft entering our atmosphere. This command structure is jointly supported by all military organizations as well as by NASA and by various private firms in the military-industrial complex such as Hugues, EG&G and Dryden and SAC.


All of these organizations provide money; workforce and support activities. To some degree, it is a joint process in which the NRO turns out to be an operation led by the Air Force and supported by all military commands. The 3 organizations, the NRO, the Norad and the Space Command are directly supported operationally by the NSA, the National Security Agency (National Security Agency responsible among other things for communications control) and in return, they provide the NSA with information.

Space Command acts as an air traffic controller for all activities over and around American territory. I worked on information gathering to corroborate my allegations concerning these daily contacts.


In recent years, there have been a series of known or suspected incidents that could indicate the existence of contact with UFOs or extraterrestrials on a daily basis. Even if these incidents are suspect at best, there are a series of factors unrelated to each other that resonate in a familiar fashion. After carefully examining each of these incidents (which I do not feel comfortable naming at this time) and in the pursuit of my uninterrupted research, I noted similarities and patterns of misinformation that were used to so that people laugh at the facts that have been reported. After applying my knowledge of disinformation, I began to perceive the truth behind each of these incidents. This prompted me to increase my own research which has continued to this day and does not only involve the Cheyenne Mountain complex. I hope soon to have a document ready for publication later this fall or winter with the results of what I have discovered.

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