The tallest boxer in history, the descendant of an ancient race of giants?

Gogo Mitu was the highest Romanian who ever lived. He had an astounding height of almost 2 and a half meters, which also made him a celebrity in his own country and Europe. He was named Goliath of Romania after the biblical giant, killed by David the shepherd boy. The man worked in the circus Globe before being included in the boxing world of Umberto Lancia, a well-known Italian scout.

The highest Romanian of the early 20th century was born in 1914 near Craiova, Dolsky County, Romania, and he died at an early age at the age of 22. Despite the fact that he had the features of a giant, this man was as healthy as a bull. He began to learn how to read and write independently, when he was 10 years old, he could no longer fit into the school table, like a normal child. When he was 17, he entered the Globe Circus in Bucharest, where he could easily bend steel bars to unconditionally admire people who gathered to look at him in amazement.

In 1934, Italian intelligence officer Umberto Lanzia noticed the giant and offered to sponsor his boxing career. After the end of the boxing school in Paris, Gogeia Mitu, which means that Goge Myth, like his name, was predestined, began to practice this sport and was a huge success, knocking out all his rivals. Only Bergam Herman was an honorable match for the Romanian giant, because he was over 2 meters tall. Everyone thought that Mitu (Myth) would become an irresistible force in boxing, as his strength and size were a clear indicator of success. Americans loved him and could not wait until he fought live. However, the streams of faith were not in his favor, and the giant died of tuberculosis in 1936, only in 22 years.


Constant Burada, niece of the impressive Goga Mitu, spoke in more detail about the suspicious circumstances of her death in a local newspaper: “My uncle was an intelligent man, he loved jokes and had a funny way of talking. He seemed mature from childhood; He learned to read everything by himself, and at 11 he could not fit into the school bench. The big circus in Prague offered Goga a job, so the giant told his father, laughing: “Okay, Dad, you always whine that no girl from the village will ever take me. If I go to the circus, I can marry a trapeze woman, and the shell can get to me.

Returning from Paris, the giant opened the train window and discovered the flu. He ended up in the hospital after his manager advised him to take precautions, and this was the last time Goge the Myth was seen alive. His relatives found him in a sick hospital, already packed and not allowed to autopsy. The main cause of death, apparently, was tuberculosis. But is it possible to trust the official cause of death?

According to the relatives of the giant 2.42 meters (8 feet), someone injected deadly serum into his stomach, which was discovered after a more thorough examination of his body. So, who was interested in killing the boxing giant who could make history? Was he killed for high stakes? Or maybe because of its impressive growth, which, if it was widely disclosed by the media, proves that the race of giants once roamed the earth, and the legacy of this race was continued to them.

In any case, the boxing giant was confident that he would attract worldwide. It would definitely remind of another fighting giant from our famous history, also described in detail in the Bible: the famous giant Gata who challenged the armies of Israel (BC 1063.) He may have been a descendant of the old Rephaim (Giants) From which the scattered remnant took refuge with the Philistines after they were scattered by the Ammonites (Samuel 21:22). Its height was six cubits, and the span, occupying the elbow stems by 21 inches, would make it 10/2 feet tall.

The death of Gogh The myth certainly will cause some question marks. His death stopped the world from the famous battling giant who was able to spread the understanding of this ancient and unique race. (Source) (source)


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