This 95-year-old yogi says that we can all live 130. This is his secret

That’s how to live up to 130 years, if you’re interested.

Kazim Gurbuz is a 95-year-old yogi from Turkey who says that everyone can live up to 130 years. You just need to apply your mind.

Kazim ascribes to his health and youth appearance, maintaining a pleasant and flexible nature through daily yoga, sunny greetings and a special diet rich in superfoods.

The yoga expert began to live his super healthy lifestyle after he broke his back at the age of 41 years. He remained paralyzed from the waist and said that he would no longer walk.

But Kazim argues that he managed to heal himself by letting his friends break his bones, and experimented with himself with yoga and cautious stretches.

I conducted 63 different experiments on myself, Kazim said in an interview with Daily Hurriyet. I was born again. Nine months after the experiment, I started walking.

But instead of considering it as a one-time miracle, Kazim believes that his recovery is reduced to self-sacrifice and mental effort.

A person uses his brain power, if applied correctly, and the brain can regenerate muscles and the nervous system, he explains. Now healthy and healthy at the age of 95, he says that anyone can achieve their way of life, even saying that EVERYONE is able to live up to 130 years.

He does not do anything too complicated, just daily yoga, swimming and a special diet without meat, including beans, olives, peppers, soup, herbal tea and a spoonful of honey every day.

This is bearing fruit. Kazim contends (although we have not checked it ourselves), he can perform the knot position for 48 hours, hold his breath for four to five minutes and have three to five orgasms a day. At the age of 95 years.

“We can live up to 130 years,” Kazim says. Everyone has power. [If] they take good care of their body, then they will live up to the age like me.

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