This may look like an OLD rotting tree, but look at the CLOSER and your jaw will be DROP

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Looking at this tree from afar, it can look like another old tree that slowly began to rot. This kind is not something new, as you can meet old trees like the whole world.

However, this is especially interesting. If you become more familiar with this ancient tree, you will notice that there is something JAWDROPPING about it.

Covering only about 39 feet, this incredible tree has over 550 INDIVIDUALLY carved features, presented on the piece.

For example, in China, the ancient practice of creating incredibly carved sculptures on trees is a delightful practice.

The artist behind this jaw is the Chinese artist Zheng Chonghui.

According to, wooden carving took four years. The sculpture, carved from a single tree trunk, has a length of 12,286 m, a height of 3,075 m and a width of 2,401 m (40,308 x 10,08 x 7,877 ft).

Zhengs MASTERPIECE has a complex carved detail of boats, bridges, buildings and more than 550 individually carved people.

This sculpture earned Zheng Chunhui in the Guinness Book of Records, as it is considered the longest wooden carving in the world.

The scene depicted on a huge tree is in fact a copy of the famous Chinese painting along the river during the Qingming festival, which was created over 1000 years ago.

Painting along the river During the Festival, Qingming is one of the most famous works among all Chinese paintings and is even called Chinas Mona Lisa for its recognizability.

It is interesting that the picture is considered a great historical significance, because it is believed that it accurately reflects the daily life of the Chinese more than 900 years ago.

Images from Chin News Service / Lv Ming

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