Tisulski find a girl in a coffin – the age of the burial is at least 800 million years!

KNOWN FROM RUSSIA: In September 1969 a very strange burial was discovered in the village of Rzhavchik Tisulskago in the Kemerovo region.

During the cleaning of the coal mine in the main coal seam, which lies at a depth of more than 70 meters, the miner Karnaukhov discovered a marble box with surprisingly precise mechanical production.

At the command post Alexander Masaligina ordered to immediately stop all work.

The box was brought to the surface, and the workers began to open it, biting along the edges of the petrified putty. Not so much from blows as from exposure to solar heat, the putty melted into a clear liquid and flowed.

It was a shock to everyone who saw it. The coffin was filled to the brim with a pink-blue crystal clear liquid.

In it lay a slim, unusually beautiful woman who looked about thirty, with beautiful European features and large wide-open blue eyes. Its cover was dark brown with a reddish tinge to the waist. She had curls and, resting on the sides, soft white hands with short, neatly trimmed nails.

She was dressed in a white lacy transparent dress just below the knee. Short sleeves were embroidered with bright colors. There was no underwear. She did not seem to die, but she was asleep.

She had on her head a black rectangular metal box, rounded at one end (something like a cell phone) about the size of about 25 to 10 cm.

After about ten to fifteen hours, the coffin was open to all. The whole village came to see this miracle.

However, in less than 24 hours a mysterious find was registered in the district center.

All this confirmed the fire brigade, the military and the police. By 2 pm on that day a brick-red helicopter landed, and the place was declared contagious, and the audience pushed away.

Then the authorities sealed this place and sent to quarantine all who touched the coffin, even those who stood side by side.

The story is told among the villagers. However, few people believe them, as soon as you begin to look deeper into the story, which you begin to notice with strange details.

According to eyewitnesses, this is what happened:

The coffin was transferred to the helicopter, but the cargo was too heavy, so they decided to facilitate the removal of the liquid.

After pumping out the liquid from the coffin, the corpse began to blacken right before their eyes. Then the liquid poured again, and the blackness quickly disappeared.

Then, a minute later, the cheeks turned red again, and the dead corpses of the corpse returned to their lives.

The coffin was closed and another helicopter was delivered to transport the remnants of the earth filler to the cellophane bags.

Five days later an elderly professor from Novosibirsk came to report preliminary results of laboratory studies. The professor said that this discovery will turn their very understanding of history. When Soviet scientists publish their findings, the scientific world will be plunged into shock.

The age of the burial, according to the professor, was no less than 800 million years! The woman was older than coal, she was buried when coal formed around her coffin. Even according to the criteria of evolutionary dating, this refuted the Darwinian theory of evolution.

So, it comes down to two alternatives:

  1. Any person, the last model of evolution, was on Earth before the coal age (differently claimed that it was 65 to 800 million years ago)
  2. Or coal was formed not earlier than 65-800 million years ago, but much later, during the recent age of man.

In any case, the theory of evolution is in trouble.

To save the evolutionary theory, some suggested that it should be alien, but the genetic analysis of the body of a woman showed the homogeneity of modern man. Today we are the same as our ancestors 800 million years ago! No evolution!

The nature of the fabric from which her clothes were made can not be scientifically analyzed. In addition, equipment for the production of such material does not exist today.

It was not possible to identify the composition and the pink-blue liquid, but only some of its components, which include varieties of onion and garlic.

On the metal box, the professor said nothing, except that it was studied.

The level of civilization at the time of this woman was probably much higher than ours.

How were the villagers silent?

The indignation subsided when Tisulsky district was suddenly surrounded by the military, and the police left the house in the house, destroying seditious members of the population. The place where they found the tomb was carefully dug and filled with earth.

Despite the efforts of the authorities, among the villagers there were fighters for the truth. One of the villagers ran, trying to stir up interest. He even wrote a letter to the Central Committee of the government, but died a year later (according to the official version, from heart failure).

In the same year, all six witnesses to the primitive coffin were allegedly killed in car accidents, one by one silenced for good.

In 1973, on the shore and on the lakes of Berhikula, six kilometers from the site of discovery, large-scale excavations were carried out in secret all summer until late autumn.

The place was surrounded by soldiers and police. But one of the gastarbeiters, who participated in the excavations and remained silent for a long time, went to the shopping district, slightly drunk, and said that an ancient cemetery was found on the islands.

Since then, the village people have been at the site of the excavation and reported that the helicopter with a brick crane is taking something out.

In addition, hundreds of carefully excavated and buried underground graves can be found on the islands and banks of Berchikuly.

Something to consider!

It all sounds so strange and hard to believe. However, if you go to Kemerovo, to the village of Rustik Tisulskago, and ask people about the Tisul Princess, they will all confirm this story. Or, at least, they will say that they have heard about it.

If you are searching on the Internet, you will not find a reliable dethronement of this story or the solid fact that it is a lie. If you find something, let us know.

Darwinism and the whole theory of evolution already have too many plot holes. Of course, evolution is undeniable, if it means simply that existing species can change in insignificant ways over time or that many species that live today do not exist in the past. But Darwin argue that all species are modified by descendants of a common ancestor.

If the Darwinian theory were correct, we could find some cases of speciation in the fossil record, with one descent line divided into two or more. And we must be able to find new species that form in the wild. (a source)

Therefore, taking everything into account, human beings could be here on Earth MORE MUST than we previously believed.

Perhaps we even evolved on another planet, like Mars, and migrated here for unknown reasons.

Our history can be MUCH deeper than we could imagine.

If the story of the Tisul Princess is true even in the slightest degree, then this would be either evidence of extraterrestrials, travels in time, or the BIGEST debunker of the Darwinian theory.

Here is a Russian documentary about this story, from where the information was obtained and translated. NOTE: the thumbnail image is NOT the real princess of Tisulsky

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